Pensacola Palm Tree Nursery

Pensacola Palm Tree Nursery

Located in Pine Island, Florida, Palmco proudly grows Florida Fancy (FF) palms, the most desirable grade of palm trees available.

When you’re ready to beautify any landscape project with unique palms, check out our palm tree nursery or visit our preferred partners in Pensacola to see our vast selection of high quality palms.

There are over 2,500 different palm tree species in the world, and they grow to varying heights. While a 20-foot palm may not seem very small, there are other varieties that grow to well over 100 feet. In the U.S., the tallest palms are Royal Palms, but varieties like the Wax Palm, Colombia’s national tree, can reach heights of 230 feet!

Here are descriptions of just a few of the 20-plus palm tree varieties we grow and deliver:

Small Palm Trees

Chamaerops humilis (common name: European Fan Palm, Mediterranean Fan Palm)

A popular variety that looks exotic in any landscape with its fan-shaped leaves, this palm also produces small yellow flowers in the spring. It is wind-resistant and very cold hardy. The hardiest of all palms with its attractive multi-trunked habit that forms rounded clumps. Growing to only about 10 feet tall, it is ideal as a focal point in spaces of any size.

Phoenix roebelenii (common name: Pygmy Date Palm)

One of the smaller palms we grow, it makes a big impression. This slow growing palm grows up to 10 feet tall. It loves tropical warm temperatures but can tolerate temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. These palms are most often grown as singles, doubles, and triples, but they can be grown with up to 6 heads, making the Pygmy Date Palm a beautiful centerpiece for many gardens.

Medium Palm Trees

Trachycarpus fortunei (common name: Windmill Palm)

This is one of the most cold-hardy palms, withstanding temperatures as low as 5°F. Palmate fronds grow upward. They range from yellow-green to dark green and may be silvery on the underside. Trunks are usually covered with a loose mat of coarse gray or brown fiber. This palm is a slow grower at only about 1 foot per year. Although it can reach heights up to 40 feet tall, most top out at 25 feet.

Veitchia montgomeryana (common name: Montgomery Palm)

The Montgomery Palm is underutilized but has many beautiful and practical qualities. A fast grower, it maxes out at about 25’-35’ in overall height. It grows on a solitary trunk with a canopy of 8 to 10 ten foot long fronds. It has stiff, feathery-textured fronds and a beautiful satin dark green trunk with a smooth finish. In summer, it bears yellow flowers followed by fruit that ripens to bright red. ?

Large Palm Trees

Roystonea regia (common name: Royal Palm)

Popular along the streets of many cities for their grace and beauty, Royal Palms have a smooth gray trunk, a bright green crownshaft, and dark green arching fronds. They bloom with yellow flowers in the summer. Royals can reach up to 60 or 70 feet tall and 5 to 10 feet wide. They like a moist, well-drained soil where they can get full sun This Cuban palm can be sensitive when transplanted.

Sabal palmetto (common names: Sabal Palm, Cabbage Palm)

This is Florida’s State Tree. It is the most widely distributed palm tree in Florida and grows in almost any type of soil as well as in frosts and freezes. Sabal Palms are slow growers but can grow up to 60 feet tall. The large, light green fan leaves emerge from a tight, round, semi self-cleaning crownshaft.

Palmco has been proudly growing the highest quality selection of field grown Florida Fancy (FF) palms for 30 years. For the highest quality specimens visit our palm tree nursery or reach out via our preferred partners in Pensacola for a huge variety of palms in many different heights, shapes, textures and colors.