Panama City Palm Tree Nursery

Panama City Palm Tree Nursery

You are guaranteed to find many varieties of FF-grade palm trees that are well-suited to the climate in Panama City and Leon County. Palmco’s palm tree nursery in the southwest part of the Florida, is located in the ideal setting on Pine Island.

Many palms will thrive in North Florida, but it’s important to know which ones will tolerate your coldest weather.

People seem to think that Florida’s heat has the biggest impact on a palm’s survival, but it’s really about the cold. Frost can damage the conducting tissue in the trunk and prevent the leaves from getting enough water.

A hard freeze can also slow down the growth of the tree and its roots.

Tallahassee is in USDA Hardiness Zone 8B, but straddles the boundaries of Zone 9A.

Although it has a humid subtropical climate with short, mild winters and long warm summers – just the type of weather most palm trees love – there can also be short periods of frost with temperatures dipping to between 15°F and 20°F.

The extent of any damage to your palms will depend on the duration of the cold temperatures.

If the mercury dips below the mid-3os for only a few hours, many cold-hardy palms can get through it without a problem. But, if temperatures stay too cold for several days, they may not survive without protection. If you buy palms that are cold tolerant to Zone 10 and plant them in Zone 8, they may not make it through the winter.

Cold-Hardy Palms For Panama City

Canary Palm or Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis)

This slow-growing palm is prized for its bold appearance and its extreme hardiness. It grows well throughout much of the southern U.S. It has a massive canopy and caliper, and will typically reach 50 or 60 feet. The majestic shaft is reminiscent of a pineapple but will have to be manicured to keep a nice appearance.

The Canary Palm can survive everything from partial shade to full sun and is well-suited to USDA Zones 8b to 11.

Nitida or Carnarvon Fan Palm (Livistona nitida)

A native of Northern Australia, Nitida comes from a remote location known as the Carnarvon Gorge.

They will grow to 40 or 50 feet and are magnificent when planted in groups at staggered heights or for avenue plantings. This is a fast-growing species that likes water but performs well even in drier conditions. Nitida also has excellent pest resistance and is exceptional in its ability to sustain 20°F temperatures and continue to thrive as the temperatures warm up.

Silver Bismarckia (Bismarckia nobilis)

Native to Madagascar, Bismarckia is a single trunk palm that can grow up to 30 feet. It requires plenty of space and will dominate any landscape. This is one of the most beautiful and desirable fan palms, featuring very large silvery blue fan-shaped fronds that reach 10 feet across.

The colors are striking and it also produces small fragrant flowers in the spring. Bismarckia is very cold hardy and suitable for planting in USDA Zones 8b to 11.

We are dedicated to providing Panama City landscape architects, landscapers and wholesale buyers with extraordinary varieties of palms at reasonable prices.

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