Pensacola Wholesale Bamboo

Searching for Pensacola wholesale bamboo?

Palmco is one of the more noteworthy Florida wholesale bamboo growers.

Impressive when compared to other landscaping materials such as palms or ornamental trees is that bamboo gives back to the landscape environment more than it takes.

How is this possible?

Sequestering more carbon from the atmosphere than palms and grass combined. Planting bamboo in your landscape directly assists the nature in her fight against global warming. All this, while creating a tranquil environment as well as adding to the value to your property.

Screening and hedging varieties are increasing in popularity and for good reason. It is classy and adds originality to the look and feel of your landscape. There is minimal up keep with the noninvasive clumping bamboo species. They grow fast and have a manageable footprint.

Palmco is a first-rate bamboo farm growing noninvasive clumping bamboo that is cold hardy and built to withstand the Pensacola winters and the surrounding areas of Destin, Gulf Breeze, Pace and Milton.

Angel Mist is for screening and will grow to 35 feet at its maximum height. The culms are a pale lime green with dark green stripes. Another attractive characteristic is that the culms have a whitish waxy covering. Angle Mist produces 3 inch culms when they are fully mature.

The canopy of this tight clumping and is notable for its umbrella shaped canopy and large leaves. Plant Angel Mist, or Ghost Bamboo as it is know in certain circles, into an urban garden or as a screen on larger properties.

Public and private projects profit when bamboo is installed for the purpose of developing an environmentally progressive landscape.

Angel Mist is always an excellent choice as it is not the largest of timber bamboos while still presenting well as a large scale focal point in the landscape.

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