Pensacola Wholesale Palms

Looking for wholesale palms in Pensacola?

Palmco is one of the top palm wholesalers in Florida!

Pensacola is a great location to plant cold hardy palms. Palmco has been established as a wholesale palm grower since 1984. Our reputation as a grower of ideal palms that many landscaper and landscape architect dream of installing is known throughout our industry.

A regular program of irrigation, fertilization and crop rotation is our regimen to growing happy healthy palm trees.

We grow approximately 40 palms. A majority of the palms are Louisiana Certified/ Cold Hardy for your Pensacola climate and add more than a touch of the tropics to any landscape. Our palms can be installed near the water or inland.

A memorable palm that is growing in popularity is the Copernicia Alba. Indigenous to Paraguay in South America, this palm can withstand temperatures as low as 23°F and reaches mature heights of 40 feet.

Often this palm is installed when the tree is 8-15 feet in overall height. Also known as the Caranday Palm (which translates into “water palm”), will withstand drought as well as limited flooding. This cold hardy palm is elegant and will perform well in the landscape as an accent tree or paired in groups.

Finding a dependable palm wholesaler can be a challenge. Touring our palm tree farm is enjoyable for first time and repeat customers.

Touring our palm tree farm is a unique experience.  If you are not able to tour our fields, then our qualified customer service members will listen to your jobsite requirements and tag the palms that match your specifications. They will also email pictures of your tagged palm trees for your approval.

Palmco will arrange shipping or pick up of the palms you purchase.

If you are a in the landscaping industry and you have not experienced Palmco tree quality and impeccable customer service then it is about time you gave us a call.

You can reach us at today at 239-283-1329.