South Carolina Wholesale Palms and Bamboo

South Carolina wholesale palms and bamboo are in demand!

Palmco has been growing wholesale palms and bamboo since 1984.

South Carolina is a growing market for cold hardy palms and bamboo. Palmco is poised to help all contractors fulfill their tree and bamboo needs when your upcoming projects are ready to install.

It takes time, energy and stability within an organization to consistently grow high quality palms. Palmco is a palm and bamboo farm dedicated to providing customers with the best cold hardy materials available on the market today.

Our quality control methods include but are not limited to the active walking of fields by our customer service representatives, field managers and owner. This is a function of our positions within Palmco and it has the added benefit of keeping everyone in the loop.

We all communicate regarding quality and any trouble shooting efforts that may need to be implemented.

Decisions regarding crop rotations and the implementation of our recycled mulching methods add to the quality of our trees and the environment which we all share. Palmco is dedicated to making our farming operations as “Green” as is possible.

Our customer service representatives will tag palms and bamboo based on your specs. We will take pictures of those materials and email or txt them to you. This way you know what materials to expect come shipment day.

These pictures are also a great tool for selling a job to your customer. You can be sure that the trees we tag, photograph and send along to you are going to be the same trees that show up on your jobsite.

Shipping from our farm to your site is a snap!

We can load up your carrier or you can have us arrange the details of delivery with our carrier and leave those logistics to us. We arranging shipping everyday and have experienced tree haulers ready to take our trees to you.

South Carolina wholesale palms and bamboo inventories are available year round. We are available Monday thru Friday 8-5pm to take your call at 1-239-283-1329. Click on the links below to find your city.