Columbia Wholesale Bamboo

Are you looking for wholesale bamboo in Columbia?

Palmco is a growing leader of wholesale bamboo in the great state of South Carolina!

Bamboo growing zones are centralized between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. They can grow to the north and south of these two internationally recognized circles of latitude.

Non invasive clumping bamboo in zone 7 is ideal for the Columbia landscaping and landscape architecture industry. Clumping bamboo will grow in a predictable and manageable foot print. It is cold hardy for your zone 7 and will add a striking beauty to any landscape be it commercial or residential.

Bamboo is not indigenous to Europe or the Middle East.

When Europeans began the task of classifying bamboo, they were biased in their efforts. Runners can thrive in the colder temperatures of Europe and so these were the only bamboo species they were interested in. This nonobjective attitude left uncategorized the majority of bamboo growing on our planet.

The false documentation dictated our knowledge of the growing patterns of bamboo species for decades. It became clear that no one wanted a running bamboo in their landscape.

Palmco has bamboo for sale that has the attributes a landscaper or landscape architect is looking for in a material. It is cold hardy, controlled and adds dynamic texture, form, color and line to any landscape.

We grow only hedging and screening bamboo that clumps.

Starting around the 1980’s classification and categorization efforts has become all inclusive and objective. We are always working to get the word out that clumping bamboos do exist and will remain friendly in your landscape.

Your customers will be pleased to add an element of design to their landscape that they can boast sequesters more carbon from the air than any other plant growing on our planet.

Call us today at 239-283-1329 for more information about hedging or screening bamboos that clump and are cold hardy to your zone. We will listen to your job requirements in order to guide you to the best bamboo for your customer.