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South Carolina is an ideal region to install cold hardy palms. Myrtle Beach is kept relatively warm in the winters. The Myrtle Beach area and surrounding cities of Georgetown, Conway and North Myrtle Beach are ideal locations to plant cold hardy palms like the Mule palm.

Trees can cross pollinate by accident in the fields and in nature, however this only happen infrequently.

In order to have consistent inventories available, palm farmers like Palmco, are involved to the highest level. The mass production practices of cross pollinating the Pindo and the Queen palm results in the sterile Mule palm.

Discovered in the early 1900’s by French horticulturist Paul Nabonnand, Queen palms were on one side of the field and Pindo palms were on the other. The wind blew, specialized pollination occurred… And the rest is history.

Palm farmers who cultivate this hybrid must pollinate by hand in a controlled environment. This is a time consuming practice and there is a limited number of people producing these specialized hybrids.

Interest in this palm has grown due to its tropical appearance and the process of theses time intensive propagation practices.

The genetics of the Pindo, which is an exceedingly cold hardy palm and the Queen which is fast growing palm, give our Mule palm the best of both worlds. Cold hardy and fast growing.

It is the closest Coconut look-a-like that can withstand the cooler winters in the sub-tropics.

Farming palms since 1984 for the landscaping industry, which is comprised of landscapers and landscape architects, Palmco has the inventories of cold hardy palms to fulfill your orders.

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