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Palmco is a trusted supplier of wholesale palm trees in South Carolina!

South Carolina is a great home for a cold hardy palm. Close to the warmer waters of the Atlantic, Charleston is an ideal location to plant the Sabal Palm as well as other cold hardy palms.

Sabal palms are salt tolerant, drought tolerant, frost tolerant and they are widely adaptable to any soil type.

Sabals grow close to the beach as well as inland. They embody the look and feel of the tropics. Frost tolerant and cold hardy to 15°F Sabals are nearly indestructible.

They have been recorded withstanding and surviving 10°F temperatures. Adapting to most any soil type affords this palm the ability to transplant into environments outside of the tropics.

Another name for the Sabal is the Cabbage Palm.

The heart of the palm is eatable and today festivals are dedicated to the harvest of the palms heart. This practice inherited from the local Indian populations, does kill the palm and has been limited in recent years so as to preserve the populations of uncultivated Sabals.

Palmco has been farming palms since the 1980’s. We have abundant inventories to order from that will transplant nicely into your sub-tropical environment. Palmco offers several other cold hardy palms that will enhance your topical landscape. Take a quick search of our site and see for yourself.

Additional popular palms that transplant well into the Charleston landscape as well as the surrounding areas of Goosecreek, Johns Island, North Charleston and Mt Pleasant are the Mule, Pindo and Queen Palms.

Growing the finest quality palms for several decades has afforded us the experience and successes necessary to become one of the leading palm growers and palm wholesalers in the Southeast as well as in Charleston.

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