Palm Trees for Sale in South Carolina

 Palm Trees for Sale in South Carolina

Have you found yourself researching where to find palm trees for sale in South Carolina? Perhaps you should consider Palmco, based on Pine Island in Florida. We are one of the nation’s largest palm tree plantations and a premiere palm tree purveyor.

Palmco is a family owned business with three generations of experience. Our site covers more than 600 acres of palm tree production where you will find the choicest palms available from the rare and exotic to the most abundant and widely used. And, Palmco’s palms can be seen at some of the most prestigious places in the world.

Can You Really Grow Palm Trees in South Carolina?

You might be surprised, but the answer to that question is, “Yes!” Of course, it’s important to note what area you are planning to install the palms in. Since South Carolina covers USDA Zone 5B through 8B your options will be limited. After all, palms are generally tropical plants and harsh winters can cause serious damage. But, if your clients are in the 8B section of the state, here are some great options:

Sylvestris (Phoenix Sylvestris). Originating from India this palm naturally thrives in plains and scrublands. What is particularly unique about this palm is its ability to be quite functional. Reaching heights of 30 to 40 feet, this beauty has a slender trunk with an interesting diamond pattern created by leaf scars. Palmco can do a special cut to make the deep orange of the trunk really stand out in your landscape. Many landscapers are using this palm on golf courses, to line streets, and as centerpieces for luxury homes.

Mule (xButiagrus nabonnandii). This is an eye-catching beauty that you won’t see everywhere. It is one of the hardiest feather palms and is a man-made hybrid between the Pindo and Queen palms. The Mule Palm is difficult to produce, however, so mature specimens are rare but, by all definitions, this is the perfect palm. Its slightly curved trunks have a coconut-like appearance, giving the palm a tropical appeal. The Mule Palm grows fast to about 20 feet, is extremely cold hardy and will flourish in Zones 8a to 10b.

Nitida (Livistona nitida). Hailing from an obscure location called the Carnarvon Gorge in central Queensland in Australia. The name, Nitida, means shining and is based on the palm’s glossy, deep black fruit. Nitida are relatively rare as they have only recently been introduced into cultivation. They grow at a moderately fast rate and can get as tall as 100 feet, though they will typically remain in the 40 to 50 foot range. Keep in mind that the Nitida creates a very large canopy and will need to be planted 12 to 15 feet apart.

Sabal (Sabal Palmetto). The Sabal palmetto is Florida’s State Tree. It is super slow growing but widely used due to its extreme hardiness, availability, and low cost. Because it grows so slowly Sabal palms are harvested from the wild rather than being in commercial production, but Brazil does produce them commercially. These trees can bring out the true charm of the South when used in the proper applications. They are highly drought and salt tolerant and can achieve heights of 40 feet tall.

You can end your search for palm trees for sale in South Carolina at Palmco. Our three generations of expertise will guarantee that you receive your palms on time, and in pristine, ready to plant condition. Give us a call at (239) 283 1329 if you have questions or would like to place an order.