Charleston Wholesale Bamboo

Looking for wholesale bamboo in Charleston?

Palmco is your loyal supplier of wholesale bamboo in South Carolina!

South Carolina is an ideal home for cold hardy multiplex bamboos. Close to the warmer waters of the Atlantic, the multiplex Golden Goddess will enhance any landscape.

The most common uses for Golden Goddess are hedges and topiaries.

Golden Goddess is a dense hedging bamboo that is noteworthy for its capacity to grow in a super compact formation up to 10 feet in overall height and sustains cold to temperatures as low as 15°F. All of this while remaining distinctive and yet complimentary within a traditional southern landscape.

Golden Goddess is a noninvasive clumping bamboo.

Cultivated and praised for hundreds of years in China and Japan, it is the only plant on earth that can be used for building and construction, landscaping, clothing, food and even for medicinal purposes.

All bamboos grown and sold by Palmco are the noninvasive clumping varieties.

Palmco’s bamboo farming venture hit the ground running and our inventories are at capacity as demand for noninvasive clumping bamboo has become more widely recognized as a contemporary optional material.

Take a quick search of our site and see for yourself.

Additional bamboos that plant well into the Charleston landscape and surrounding areas of Goosecreek, Johns Island, North Charleston and Mt Pleasant are the Asian Lemon, Graceful, Seabreeze and a whole list of others.

Being at the top of our game in the bamboo farming industry has been an educational journey, not only for us but also for our customers.

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