Columbia Wholesale Palms

Looking for wholesale palm trees in Columbia?

Palmco supplies wholesale palms in South Carolina, where cold hardy palms are always in season.

Landscapers are always looking for high quality affordable materials. Palmco has the materials and quality inventories to supply any category of project, commercial or residential.

The internet allows anyone to find information about the types of palms that will thrive in climates north of the tropics.

Palmco is one of a handful of successful US palm growers.

We believe that by listening to our customers we are afforded the opportunity to accurately anticipate the evolving list of materials that are coming on.

As growers, we consult with our customers regarding which materials will be most advantageous on what projects. Listening to the vision and then guiding the scope of the project is key to everyone’s success.

The growers and landscapers and landscape architects are in the position to suggest materials that our customers are not always aware of.

The European Fan palm is cold hardy from zones 7a-11. There record temperature for survival is -10°F. This is an extremely slow growing palm. It thrives in areas that are not typically considered palm friendly.

Originating from the Mediterranean region, the European Fan can be found in coastal regions as well as mountains. They have been known to withstand a little snow here and there.

Adaptable to these different climates and soil types is a trademark for this cold hardy palm, as long as the soil is well drained the European Fan will do just fine.

Columbia and the surrounding areas of Newberry, Lexington and Cayce are ideal locations to bring that hint of the tropics. Especially during those wintery days a glimpse of the tropics can warm the coldest day and spark excitement for the spring and summer days ahead.

Inquire further regarding the inventories of cold hardy palms that Palmco has to offer. We are available 5 days a week at 239-283-1329.