Myrtle Beach Wholesale Bamboo

Searching for wholesale bamboo in Myrtle Beach?

Palmco is your reliable supplier of wholesale bamboo in South Carolina!

Landscape architects are designing noninvasive clumping bamboo for their commercial and residential projects. The South Carolina environment is an excellent location for professional landscaping companies to install our bamboos.

Myrtle Beach’s sub-tropical winters keep the options of cold hardy bamboos wide open. The Myrtle Beach metro area including Georgetown, Conway and North Myrtle Beach are excellent choices for this majestic, top carbon sequestering plant.

Graceful bamboo survives temperatures down to 15°F and is wonderful for use as a screen or as a focal point in the landscape.

This noninvasive bamboo grows in a distinctive upright pattern reaching 30 feet at its mature height. Just as its name suggests the plumage resembles a graceful… almost… flowing fountain appearance.

Bamboo is relatively new in the Carolina landscape. Successful applications include use as a wind break on a golf course or farm. Graceful can also be used to screen a neighborhood from unsightly commercial structures or to screen the home next door.

Make a statement by using screening bamboo in your next landscape design.

We are at a tipping point with bamboo as it is currently hitting the mainstream. Much of the interest in the past few years has been due to the growing attraction to Asian landscaping philosophies and practices.

Bamboo has been cultivated for centuries in China and Japan. Presently, the West is in the process of understanding and implementing the use of noninvasive clumping bamboo for balance within a landscape design.

Several years ago, Palmco developed and began growing our own bamboo farming operations. We are currently recognized as one of the leaders in the wholesale bamboo market with approximately 10 species of cold hardy bamboos in production.

Container sizes range from 3, 7, 15, 25 gallons as well as field grown specimens for instant gratification on a grandiose scale.

We ship to your neck of the woods regularly and are eager to hear from you when you start gearing up for your next design, bid or jobsite install.

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