Texas Wholesale Bamboo

Texas Wholesale Bamboo is a growing segment of the landscaping industry. Palmco is one of the premier growers of Texas wholesale bamboo.

Take a minute and ask yourself, “What kind of jobs do I have in my pipeline?”

DOT projects, large scale high end commercial properties, or residential properties? These are all ideal projects for installing Palmco’s wholesale bamboo container materials.

Bamboo is a landscaping material that has been growing steadily in popularity. In the last two years our sales of wholesale bamboo container materials have doubled and almost tripled.

Why is it rapidly becoming the material of choice for landscape architects and landscapers?


Noninvasive Clumping bamboos are not a high maintenance material. Their rhizomes grow in a tight clumping formation. This tight clumping growth pattern allows this plant to be an ideal plant for screens and hedges.

Bamboo screens and hedges are not your typical variety hedging and screening materials. We believe that they are superior because of the thickness and fullness they produce. Once planted in the ground, our bamboo will take off!

As with any landscaping material there is an expected amount of maintenance. Regular watering and fertilization schedules will ensure the rapid growth and visible health of the noninvasive clumping bamboos that are available to be shipped to your location as per your request.

Palmco representatives have several shipping options available for our customers.

Truck load quantities are always available. You can provide your own truck or we can arrange shipment through one of the trucking providers that have longstanding contracts with Palmco.

Share situations are always available and are great when you have a relaxed timeline. The share could include 2, 3 or 4 participants. It just depends on the timing and the size of your order.

Three and seven gallon container materials sold in smaller quantities can be shipped on a palette in a smaller vehicle and delivered to you at your convenience.

Our bamboo is cold hardy down to 15°F and 20°F.

Call Palmco today and inquire about our wholesale bamboo container materials as well as our shipping options. We are available Monday thru Friday 8-5pm EST at 1-239-283-1329 or continue by using the links below.