Texas Bamboo Nursery

Texas Bamboo Nursery

Texas has a wide variety of climate zones, including some that experience short periods of frost. It isn’t always easy, particularly in central and northern Texas, to find plants that are both lush and cold-hardy enough to thrive. But clumping bamboo is an ideal candidate. At Palmco, our nursery houses some of the best plants for use in Texas.

Located on beautiful Pine Island, Florida, Palmco is Florida’s premier provider of wholesale palm trees and bamboo. We proudly grow 15 spectacular varieties of top quality noninvasive tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo and have assisted landscape architects, landscapers and other wholesale buyers for more than 30 years.

Using Bamboo for Privacy

When you are looking for a plant to use to divide one property from another, it is often important to use that plant as privacy screening. Traditional approaches to this application involve tall bushes, shrubs, and trees. But those approaches are just that—traditional.

There is something about a line of clumping bamboo lining a property that is both exceptionally practical and quite beautiful. And, if you choose the right variety, it can be easy to maintain as well. If you need privacy screening, there are few plants that are better for you than clumping bamboo.

Using Bamboo as a Centerpiece

Everything in Texas is big. And that includes landscaping. There are many sprawling properties that need to be landscaped. But the climate isn’t always conducive to great landscaping. It is dry and, in the south, quite hot. Farther north, you will have to find cold-hardy plants to withstand the sometimes-chilly winters.

If you need a landscape centerpiece in Texas, you will be looking for something big—something that makes a statement but is also suited to the Texan environment. There are plenty of clumping bamboos that fit this bill nicely.

Varieties of Clumping Bamboos Suitable for Texas

Alphonse Karr Bamboo

This dense Chinese bamboo has low water requirements and is extremely cold-hardy to about 15°F, once established. It grows to 20 to 25 feet with striking 1- inch diameter yellow culms that have random green stripes. It makes a great screen or hedge bamboo and provides a golden glow in the garden.

Golden Goddess Bamboo

Sometimes called “well-mannered,” this clumping bamboo is great for both topiary and screening applications. It is rather short at only 10 feet tall, but dense enough to provide visual cover if needed. It also survives in climates rated as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it great for much of Texas.

Graceful Bamboo

This beautiful plant looks like its name implies—it is moderately tall, slender and erect, and very quick to grow. It is great for screening and also for weaving. This is another cold-hardy bamboo, thriving in climates as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are in Texas and looking for a clumping bamboo nursery, consider Palmco. Why not give us a call and get more information? Contact us Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329 and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect palms for your growing area.