Austin Wholesale Bamboo

Looking for wholesale bamboo in Austin?

Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler that is proud to be serving our Texas customers.

Growing and selling only clumping bamboo is a strict rule of ours. We see no reason to ever grow a runner, let alone sell one. Clumpers are the only way to go for the landscaper and their customer.

Austin has a great example of a bamboo success story. The Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden located within the Zilker Botanical Garden was donated by its namesake. Working tirelessly for 18 months without a contract or salary, Isamu was driven to do so because of his inner need to gift this garden to the city of Austin.

Creating this space was Isamu’s show of gratitude for the education his son received from the city of Austin as well as the hope to create a symbol of universal peace for all Astinites.

Clumping bamboos add plush greenery to any landscape.

When you buy bamboo from Palmco you can be confident that you will be planting a cold hardy bamboo that will add unique form and line to your customers’ landscape. Golden Goddess is ideal for creating low lines on walkways. The max height of this bamboo is 10’ and keeping it as a low shrub is simple.

Creating organic edges can be challenging. Graceful is a clumping bamboo variety that fills this niche nicely. Its’ culms grow tightly together and it has a billowy appearance. This variety in particular is excellent for privacy and for use as a sound barrier.

As a grower, bamboo farming allows us to choose the most beautiful and well behaved bamboos for cultivation. When landscapers buy bamboo from Palmco they will have our customer support for as long as is necessary.

If you are a landscape architect or landscaper involved in the design and installation of noninvasive clumping bamboo we are available to fill your orders in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and San Marcos.

Call us at 855-GOPALMCO OR 855-467-2562. Our customer service representatives are available weekdays to consult with you on your upcoming projects.