Texas Palm Trees

Texas Palm Trees

If you are a landscaper in Texas, then you may know that your climate offers certain obstacles. The southern parts of Texas are quite warm but, as you move north, it gets colder in a hurry. This can make it hard to find just the right plants if you live in the central or northern parts of the state. Fortunately, Palmco can offer you a variety of palm trees capable of thriving in Texas.

Located on beautiful Pine Island, Florida, Palmco is Florida’s premier provider of wholesale palm trees. We proudly grow over 20 species of Florida Fancy (FF) palms and have been assisting landscapers and landscape designers for more than 30 years.

Do You Need A Cold Hardy Palm?

If you live anywhere but the most southern part of Texas, then any palm you buy needs to be cold-hardy. From Corpus Christi up as far north as Dallas, palms can thrive if you choose the right varieties. You will want to look for palms that are well-suited to Zones 8A to 9A to be sure they will survive short periods of frost.

At Palmco, we specialize in offering cold hardy palms to meet just these requirements. We have been selling palms for 35 years in climates as far north as New Jersey, and we can help you to find just the right varieties for your needs.

TIP: When planting palm trees in a location that experiences cold weather, consider purchasing a more mature tree. Older palms are naturally stronger than younger trees, and are much more likely to be able to withstand the cold without problems.

Some Palms to Consider

There are several palms that are cold hardy enough to survive in much of Texas. Here are two standouts:

Windmill Palm

The Windmill Palm is the king of cold hardy palms. It is capable of tolerating temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and is rated for zones as low as 7B. Beyond that, however, it is a beautiful, elegant, iconic-looking palm.

This palm works especially well as a specimen. A popular tree throughout the world, it can be seen in many patios, gardens, and parks. It can be used as an accent, but its average height—25 feet—and beauty make it ideal for use as a centerpiece. This palm will grab your attention and hold it!

Pindo Palm

The Pindo Palm is cold hardy down to between 12- and 15-degrees Fahrenheit, making it another of the most cold-tolerant palms available. It can survive in climates as cold as Zone 8A, which makes it still suitable for much of Texas.

This slow-growing palm will reach about 15 feet tall, and is both moderately salt and drought tolerant. It may spread up to 10 to 15 feet as well. The fruit from this tree might cause some mess, so it’s best to keep it away from sidewalks and houses to avoid problems.

At Palmco, we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. We can talk you through your landscaping and architectural design needs, recommend trees for your region, and teach you how to care for them properly.

If you are looking for palm trees that will thrive in Texas, then we invite you to browse our selection of cold hardy palms. Feel free to contact us—Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329 for answers to any questions you may have.