San Antonio Wholesale Bamboo

Looking for wholesale bamboo in San Antonio?

Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler that enjoys serving the Texas landscaping industry!

San Antonio landscapers and landscape architects are exploring the possibilities that clumping bamboos bring to the new and existing landscapes in your area. This timing is just right as we at Palmco have expanded our operations into San Antonio as well as New Braunfels, Schertz, Sequin and Boerne.

Clumping bamboo is like no other landscaping material.

It stays where you put it and has a distinct limitation to its footprint. Palmco grows and ships cold hardy bamboo that is of the clumping variety.

Break tradition and use a hedging bamboo as your material of choice.

Seabreeze is a wonderful multipurpose variety that will create an eco-friendly fence. This fence will sufficiently block the view from the other side and also create a sufficient sound barrier.

Seabreeze is cold hardy to 15° F and can be box-hedged or left to grow bushy and bold as a centerpiece or a wall.

When you focus on the ecological benefits bamboo has to offer such as filtering noise and air pollution, it becomes clear that this is a landscaping material deserving of much attention. Bamboo minimizes CO2 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen then an equivalent stand of trees and can actually offset some of the human impact on our environment.

Asian Lemon has bright yellow culms with a dynamic green striping occurring randomly. It can be planted as a specimen or used in a commercial or residential setting as a beautiful green screen. It is versatile and can be easily pruned to remove low branching and revealing the beauty of its culms.

Be the front runner in your industry.

People in the landscaping industry are always looking to keep their designs and installations relevant. Bamboo is the most relevant newer material available to this community.

Add privacy and serenity to any home or outdoor garden.

If you are ready to purchase an inventory of bamboo at wholesale prices to stock your nursery or install on your next project, contact our educated customer service representatives today at 1-855-GOPALMCO.