Georgia Wholesale Palms and Bamboo

Georgia wholesale palms and bamboo are a relatively new concept in the northern parts of the state. Palmco grows materials that will thrive in your untraditional palm environment.

Don’t worry Georgia, you’re not the only untraditional location we have delivered cold hardy materials. It has taken time to educate everyone as to the best palms for their geography.

It is crucial to use cold hardy palms and bamboo, especially in Atlanta. Savannah is close to the warming waters of the Atlantic it can handle less cold hardy materials than Atlanta.

There are several ideal candidates that can be planted in your neck of the woods.

Palms are highly resilient and when planted in the spring and allowed time to establish through the warm summer months have much success in the winter months. The Windmill palm is an ideal candidate for the interior of the state.

Some research suggests that the coldest know temps that a Windmill has survived are in the teens. 

Our bamboo is the noninvasive clumping variety that is cold hardy down to 15°F.

The foot print of a clumping bamboo is special in that it is predictable. The rhizomes have a certain growth pattern that makes it particularly easy to foresee how the clump will develop from a young plant and then fill out as it grows to maturity.

It is easy to search our website for palm information. Just type in the search box to the left of this article to look for a particular material or go to the Palm and Bamboo tabs at the top of the navigation bar to view pictures and detailed descriptions of all of our materials.

No matter where you are located, Palmco can dig and deliver palms and bamboo to your jobsite year round.

We’ve gotcha covered!.

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A friendly customer service representative is available to take your call and listen to your project specs you’ll learn that our wholesale palms and bamboo are ready to ship when you say go!

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