Savannah Wholesale Palms

We have your wholesale palms in Savannah.

Georgia cold hardy wholesale palm trees add a lush equatorial character to your local scenery.

Palmco is a palm grower with a reputation for Florida Fancy grade materials.

We are able to achieve the consistency in our stock of palms through the use of our state of the art irrigation system and our process of recycling plant waste into mulch for the growing crops.

Our customers have grown accustom to purchasing healthy cold hardy palms from us year in and year out.

There are many varieties of cold hardy palms that can be used in the coastal areas of Savannah. Old favorites such as Sabals and Washingtonia are always available and will continue to be available in steady inventories.

There is however, a relatively new kid on the block looking to add additional tropical character to all of South Georgia in particular the Savannah areas of Georgetown, Pooler, Wilmington Island and Richmond Hill.

Livistona Nitida also known as the Nitida palm has several attributes that make it a desirable option.

They can be used for avenue plantings and also do well in groups with staggered heights. The dark green foliage has a rich thatched trunk similar to that of a Chinese Fan. At Palmco, we make a special cut on the trunk that adds additional character.

Quality palms put us on the map, but our customer service is what keeps us there.

All of our representatives keep detailed customer records and go the extra mile by going out into the fields to tag your trees, take pictures and send them along for your approval.

This means we can answer questions regarding your previous orders and make recommendations for future orders.

In addition to selecting the perfect palms for your project we arrange freight as an additional service to our customers.

Give us the delivery details and we will take care of the rest.

Call today and find out more about our process, services and customer care. We are ready to answer your call at 239-283-1329.