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Looking for wholesale palms in Atlanta?

Palmco is a palm wholesaler proudly serving select cities in Georgia!

Atlanta is one of our select cities utilizing cold hardy palms.

The Mule palm is an ideal candidate for planting in Atlanta including the surrounding areas of Sandy Springs, Perimeter Center, Hartsfield and Jackson.

Mule palms are a pure example of Mother Nature’s eye for design and ability to construct a new palm using the resources in pollination that are available to her. The hand of man entered the propagation picture to ensure mass production of the Mule. Had it been left to nature, Mule palms would only be a chance occurrence.

Mule palms are the hybridization of the Queen and Pindo palms. The Queen is a notably fast growing and the Pindo is notably cold hardy.

At the start of the 1900’s Paul Nabonnand, a French horticulturist noted in several sources, was the first to report the hybrid. Since their offspring is sterile it became known as the Mule palm.

This occurred in nature when the Queen and the Pindo were near to each other in the wild. That is when the pollination of the hybrid occurred. This hybrid grows tall and withstands winters of frost and below freezing temperatures but it cannot reproduce on its own. They can only be reproduced through time intensive hand pollination.

A 73% shade cloth with grommets is required on all loads to Atlanta.

Palmco is associated with seasoned hauling agents. We can take your order and arrange the freight to your specified location. You’re assured the materials will be well protected during their journey.

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