Savannah Wholesale Bamboo

Searching for wholesale bamboo in Savannah?

Palmco is one of the top suppliers of wholesale bamboo in Georgia.

Landscapers and landscape architects are attracted to clumping bamboo also known as noninvasive bamboo. Our inventories are cold hardy and can be used for hedging or screening, depending on your customer’s goal upon installation.

Savannah and the surrounding areas of Georgetown, Pooler, Wilmington Island and Richmond Hill are an ideal location to plant in hedging and screening bamboos.

The local history in growing and researching bamboo dates back to the 1890’s when then Villambrosa Plantation owned by the Smith’s, acquired some clumps of Japanese Timber bamboo and so began the history of bamboo in Savannah.

The plantation owner, Mrs. Smith, remarried and changed her name to Mrs. H.L. Miller. She realized she needed to find a way to preserve the land where the bamboo was growing.

She found that by legally having the land designated as an area for research was the key to securing the land and the flora for generations. The help of a wealthy benefactor lead to the securing of the 46 acres of botanical gardens.

Experienced botanists began bamboo research and experiments in making paper pulp and latex for industrial revolution figure heads Ford and Firestone.

If they had the internet, as you do now, they would have found out quickly that not only is non invasive clumping bamboo an ideal commercial and residential landscaping material but that it sequesters more carbon than any other plant or tree on earth.

Palmco has bamboo for sale. We are a bamboo grower that specializes in clumping bamboos. Professionals in the landscaping industry can buy bamboo from one of the industry leaders, Palmco.

Contact our experienced customer service representatives today at 239-283-1329. We will arrange the shipping to your jobsite and consult with you and your designers as to the ideal bamboo to fit your design.