Palm Trees for Sale in Georgia

It might seem difficult to find palm trees for sale in Georgia. But, if you rely on Palmco, with one of the largest palm tree plantations in the country, we are confident you will find the exact palm trees you need for your clientele.

Palmco is a family owned business with more than thirty years of experience in this industry. We pride ourselves in our green processes. In fact, all plant waste and by-product material are constantly recycled into mulch. This mulch is then returned and reused on the palm tree beds. This process not only reduces off site landfill excess but also decreases overall water usage, increases soil moisture retention, and greatly improves soil richness and fertility for many years to come.

Which Palms are Best for Georgia?

To make sure you pick the right palm trees for your landscaping installations, it is important to know that Georgia is located in USDA Zone 6B to 8B. This information will help us make the best suggestions for your palm tree needs. Here are our ideas:

Mule (xButiagrus nabonnandii). The Mule palm reaches typical heights of twenty feet, but it is a slow grower. It is a perfect option for the lower temperatures that can be found in Georgia. The Mule palm is actually a tree that you probably won’t find in the neighborhood you are working in. It is reliant on human intervention in order to meet the landscaping industry’s need for mass production. The Pindo and Queen palms have been united to create this hybrid, which is incredibly cold hardy. One thing to note is that, due to the required propagation methods, this palm is priced on the high end.

Nitida (Livistona nitida). Another obscure palm tree that hails from a remote spot in central Queensland in Australia. The name comes from the glossy, jet black fruit it produces. Nitida have only recently been introduced into cultivation which means they are still fairly rare. This makes them another excellent stand-out option for those of you in Georgia who are looking to give your customers a tree no one else has. These palms are cold tolerant as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit, so they are best suited for the southern part of Georgia. Be advised that Nitida palms are considered canopy palms so, if you are thinking about planting more than one, it is a good idea to separate them by 12-15 feet. And, you should also note that they can reach heights of 100 feet tall, though they generally top out at fifty feet or less.

Sylvestris (Phoenix Sylvestris). This slow growing palm only gets to be about forty feet high and it is native to India. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this palm is the fact that it is functional and versatile. The fruit that the Sylvestris produces is used to make jelly and wine. In India, the leaves are also used to make bags and mats. One more cool thing about the Sylvestris is that its trunk forms an interesting diamond pattern based on the leaf scars. If you like, we can provide a special cut that makes the deep orange of the trunk really stand out.

Hopefully you now have some great options for palm trees for sale in Georgia. For additional information about other options, or to place an order, contact the experts at Palmco at (239) 283 1329.