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Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler proudly serving the state of Georgia!

The leafy neighborhoods of Atlanta are a horticulturalists dreamland. The sweltering summers always give way to the cold winters that often leave layers of ice on any surface plant or manmade. The temperature swing issue can be challenging to navigate.

Running bamboos are typically more cold hardy then clumping. However, running bamboos are often a nuisance while clumpers are known to be well behaved in the landscape.

Running bamboos are often considered invasive and take over the immediate and surrounding areas where they are planted. It’s wise to enlist the guidance of a professional before planting in order to secure a manageable footprint. Often times all of the precautions taken before and after installation still cannot contain the aggressive nature of running bamboo.

Clumping bamboos enjoy the tropical and subtropical climates.

Growing in a relatively predictable footprint they require no special preparation before planting. Often they are referred to as noninvasive bamboo. There is no additional maintenance required to contain their growth as all they require are sun, water and fertilization.

Palmco customers see the mystic beauty that noninvasive clumping bamboo brings to the landscape.

The dense forests and rolling hills in and around Atlanta as well as the areas of Sandy Springs, Perimeter Center and Hartsfield-Jackson are vibrant fertile lands. Atlanta is often described as a city in a forest. In the future it may be revised to the bamboo forrest.

Alphonse Karr and Golden Goddess are great examples of two bushy hedging bamboos that will thrive in your area. These two varieties can create a dense wall when your application requires instant gratification. Graceful is another clumping variety. It works best as a center piece or as a screen up to 30’ OA.

All of these bamboos offered are guaranteed cold hardy to 15° F and in some cases lower.

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