Where To Buy Palm Trees In Georgia

Where To Buy Palm Trees In Georgia

Georgia may not be what you picture when you think of tropical palms.

However, those of you who want something unique might be wondering where to buy palm trees for your Georgia location.

That’s easy; you buy them from Palmco in Florida!

Our 30+ years of experience and 600 acre palm plantation is your go-to for all your palm tree needs. We understand the unique Georgia climate and offer trees specifically designed to grow well in your environment.

Palms are incredible.

They are highly resilient and do amazingly well when planted in the spring and allowed to begin growing during the summer. This gives them enough time to prepare themselves for the much colder winter months.

Obviously, some areas of Georgia are warmer than others, so you should choose varieties that are most appropriate for the area you are landscaping. Whichever trees you purchase will be beautiful and suited to your region.

Which Palms Are Best for Georgia?

If you are working in the Atlanta area, you will need cold hardy trees.

We recommend the Mule Palm.

It is increasing in popularity due to its unique features.

The Mule is a hybrid cross between the Queen Palm and the Pindo Palm. The Queen is valued for its speedy growth and the Pindo is desirable for its notable cold hardiness.

When these two trees are combined, you get a quick growing, cold hardy tree ideally suited for zones 8a-10b. Pindo has a very tropical appearance that resembles a coconut palm. It’s a grand specimen and considered the perfect palm.

For those in the Savannah area, or other coastal parts of Georgia, the Washingtonia, also called the Mexican Fan Palm, might be a good option.

It works well from zones 8b-11 and is a fast growing variety.

It is a popular palm that is easy to transplant and can provide you with big tropical appeal in your landscaping endeavors. It’s a favorite for those looking for an instantly gratifying finished look.

Builders love it.

These are very large trees, reaching 70-100 feet in height. They make great street linings and open area designs. Notably, the fruit of the Washingtonia is edible and was historically used as a food source for Native American people.

Yet another potential palm tree for Georgian enjoyment is Florida’s state tree, the Sabal Palm.

Also called the Cabbage Palm, this is a cost-effective tree that can bring out true Southern charm. Another tree with edible parts, its central bud, known as the heart of palm, can be eaten and is generally sold in canned form. This is a very cold hardy tree that has intense wind resistance abilities. It’s a slow grower but can reach up to 60 feet in height.

This Florida favorite makes a beautiful addition to avenues and privacy screens. The Sabals and Washingtonia are always readily available at Palmco.

At Palmco we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service.

We can talk you through your landscaping and architectural design needs, recommend trees for your region, and teach you how to care for them properly.

If you are wondering where to buy palm trees that will grow in Georgia, look no further than Palmco. We will send you pictures of the trees that meet your specs and guarantee that you will get the exact tree pictured.

We use 73% shade cloth to ship your trees, ensuring that they arrive safely and ready for successful installation.

You can reach us weekday at (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.