Virginia Wholesale Palms and Bamboo

Virginia wholesale palms and bamboo are now available!

Palmco has been growing wholesale palms and bamboo since 1984.

Many of our cold hardy materials will sustain temperatures down to 10° F. Have you ever seen palms or bamboo with snow on them?

It does happen!

Cold hardy palms tolerate winter temperatures and soak up the sun and warmth when the season permits.

Resorts in Virginia Beach are buying palms every year to adorn their beach side atmosphere. These palms can be brought indoors during the winter or left to brave the elements. Certain cold hardy palms and bamboo will easily tolerate snow and ice on their fronds and leaves.

It really is quite the site.

Our customer service representatives work with landscapers and landscape architects just like you on a regular day to day basis. We listen to your project details and work with you to put together an order that makes sense based on your parameters.

Your landscaping team and our tree digging team will get the palms and bamboo that your commercial or residential landscaping job requires. Just specify the CT, OA or GW heights and we will tag the trees you’re looking for and send you pictures of the trees.

Once you give us the go ahead on the trees, we dig, load and ship your trees. You can employ your own trucking company. Our experienced loading crew members will arrange your trees and bamboo securely to their trailer.

If you do not have a preferred trucking carrier we will schedule a truck through one of our established trucking agencies. Your trees are always loaded and secured with precision.

Tree tarps are another tool used to ensure the trees are protected during their ride north. Protection from the wind is key during transport. The tarp must be breathable and at the same time providing a layer of protection from the wind.

We use a 75% shade cloth to aid against wind burn.

Call Palmco today and ask us about our Virginia wholesale palms and bamboo inventories. We are available Monday thru Friday 8-5pm to take your call at 1-239-283-1329 or use the links below to continue and see more: