Where To Buy Palm Trees In Virginia

Where To Buy Palm Trees In Virginia

If you haven’t discovered where to buy palm trees that will flourish in your Virginia climate, Palmco can help.

There are a number of palms that will grow well in Alexandria, Arlington, Newport News, Norfolk, Richmond and Virginia Beach due to the mild, humid coastal climate in this Zone 7 and Zone 8 region.

Palmco, in Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida, has 600+ acres of palm trees and clumping bamboo in production.

Our small barrier island is surrounded by protective turquoise waters and moderate temperatures, and the long growing season allows our tropical palms to develop to their most stunning potential.

With more than 2,500 species of palms in the world to choose from, you will find beautiful specimens at Palmco in many sizes and heights. But choose wisely.

A 5-gallon container may one day overpower the buildings and garden.

Some palms will grow to 80 or 100 feet tall, so consider what would be a reasonable size for the property you’re landscaping when the tree matures.

Best Palm Trees for USDA Zones 7 and 8

  • European Fan or Mediterranean Fan Palm – Chamaerops humilis is a popular variety that will give an exotic look to any landscape. The palm has fan-shaped leaves and produces pretty little yellow flowers in the spring. It is also wind-resistant and, since Virginia is often threatened by tropical cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes, this may be one of the hardiest palms for the area. It usually stays under 10 feet tall and will be stunning in any space.
  • Nitida Palm or Carnarvon Fan Palm – The large canopied Livistona nitida comes from the Carnarvon Gorge in Australia. It is one of the fastest growing Livistona species, quickly reaching heights of up to 50 feet. It likes water but is not bothered if it doesn’t get any. It’s also super cold-hardy and can withstand low temperatures without damage. Grow the Nitida palm in avenue plantings or in groups with staggered heights for a dazzling look.
  • Windmill Palm or Chinese Windmill Palm –Trachycarpus fortunei is a very cold-hardy palm, regularly tolerating temperatures as low as 5°F. It’s used in gardens and parks throughout the world, including as far north as Canada. Its palmate fronds grow upward and range from yellow-green to dark green with silver on the underside. The trunks of the Windmill Palm are usually covered with a loose mat of coarse gray or brown fiber. This palm grows very slowly at only about 1 foot per year. Most specimens top out at 25 feet but can reach heights up to 40 feet tall.

In addition to palms and bamboo, Palmco can source almost anything else you need, from rare wholesale live oaks and magnolias to shady ladies, sea grapes, and other quality plants. Talk to us about our state-of-the-art facilities and eco-friendly growing process before you make a decision about purchasing palms and other plants for your landscaping project.

Palmco is where you can buy palm trees that will grow in Virginia for your latest landscape project. Tour our farm in Bokeelia on Pine Island from Monday through Friday to see the many unusual varieties of palm trees we grow. We love to show off our spectacular palms.

Or call us at (855) GOPALMCO or (239) 283-1329 to discuss what you need.