Virginia Beach Wholesale Bamboo

Looking for wholesale bamboo in Virginia Beach?

Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler providing container and field grown bamboo to our Virginia customers!

Virginia Beach and other notable cities such as Richmond, Norfolk and Newport News are great locations for the installation of cold hardy clumping bamboo.  You may have noticed their growing popularity.

There are two kinds of bamboo. Clumping and Running. We grow only cold hardy clumping bamboos that are noninvasive.

Palmco grows several varieties and some are ideal for box hedging and others are best for use as centerpiece specimen plantings or screening out 2nd and 3rd story adjacent buildings.

Our landscape and landscape architect clientele chooses to install and maintain noninvasive clumping bamboo. It offers predictability in the growth of the footprint and helps to ensure manageable maintenance.

Golden Goddess is a much loved multiplex bamboo that is cold hardy down to 15° F. It grows up to 10’ in overall height and is excellent for use in tight spaces. It is also an ideal hedging bamboo.

Emerald Bamboo is a larger clumping bamboo that will grow up to 40’ in overall height.

These leaves are an enchanting emerald green.

The culms shoot mostly straight up from the earth creating a tight compact clump. The culms are much thicker than the Golden Goddess mentioned above and both are clumpers.

Emerald’s culms are 2” in diameter as opposed to the ¼” culms of the Golden Goddess multiplex.

Understanding your customer’s goals for their landscape is crucial to your decision regarding what kind of bamboo you will be recommending for their landscape.

Bamboo will grow well in many different types of soils.

Call Palmco today at 1-855-GOPALMCO or 1-239-283-1329. We have all of the information and resources you will need to purchase and schedule a delivery to your location.