Palm Tree Nursery Virginia

Palm Tree Nursery Virginia

Palms have some distinct advantages over other types of trees.

Used frequently by landscapers and architects, they are some of the most iconic plants in the world.

They evoke images of exotic vacations, deep relaxation and ocean breezes.

Although you’ll find them everywhere in Florida, Palmco delivers a wide variety of wholesale cold-hardy palms to Virginia from our nursery in Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida.

Palms in Virginia’s climate

Virginia has a climate that ranges from USDA Zones 5A to 8A, with most of the state lying in the 6B-8A range.

Because of its climate, Virginia demands cold-hardy palms.

At Palmco, we offer several varieties of Palms that are suited to the climate in Norfolk, Alexandria, Newport News, Richmond and Roanoke, or elsewhere in Virginia.

One such palm is the Sabal Palm (Sabal palmetto or Cabbage Palm), which can grow in climates as cold as Zone 7B.

The low-cost, extremely slow-growing Sabal is a widely used palm that is remarkably charming. Its elegant silhouette is iconic – conjuring images of warm southern sunsets. Capable of growing in very cold climates, the Sabal palm is ideal for use in Virginia.

The European Fan Palm or Mediterranean Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis) is another popular variety with fan-shaped leaves that give it an exotic look in any landscape. It also produces small yellow flowers in the spring.

This palm is wind-resistant and is among the hardiest of all palms. Growing to only about 10 feet tall, it is ideal as a focal point in spaces of any size.

Palm tree care tips

Use the following tips to care for all types of outdoor palm trees.