Virginia Beach Wholesale Palms

Looking for wholesale palms in Virginia Beach?

Palmco is an established palm wholesaler supplying Virginia!

Virginia Beach and other notable cities such as Richmond, Norfolk and Newport News are locations suitable for the install of cold hardy palms. Areas near the coast and along rivers and lakes are ideal installation sites for cold hardy palms.

Virginia Beach is one of the ideal locations for cold hardy palms.

Some property owners and managers may not be aware that they have options for warming up the local landscape with palms. Rest assured you can plant cold hardy palms and set your customer’s landscape apart from all others by adding a touch of the tropics.

Hotels, shopping centers, municipal projects and private residences dressed up with palms trees get second looks.

The Needle Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) is the second most cold-tolerant palm we provide.

It is small in stature and is used most commonly as an understory planting and as a specimen or focal point in the landscape.

Native to the Southeastern US, it can be found as far north as the New Jersey and Connecticut coastline and Northern California on the West coast. Needle Palm enthusiasts do plant up into Washington State and BC Canada however their mild summer temperatures impede recovery from cold damage incurred during the winter months.

The lowest surviving temperature, as reported by Wikipedia, was at -23° F. More common is surviving temperatures are -10° F and up.

Windmill palms (Chamaerops) are the most cold hardy palm we grow.

Originating from the mountains of China and Japan they are grown as far north as Germany and BC Canada. Growing at the high altitudes in their native environment, the Windmill adapted to the cold winters and cooler wet summers.

Palmco has sold and arranged delivery of these palms as far north as Wisconsin!

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