Wholesale Palm Trees New Jersey

Wholesale Palm Trees New Jersey

New Jersey can be rather cold, at least in comparison to the shores of Florida, and can be a challenging place to grow palm trees.

Fortunately, Palmco offers several varieties of cold-hardy palms that are well-suited to USDA Zone 7B to landscape architects, landscapers and other wholesale buyers.

Palmco, located in the community of Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida, has 600+ acres of palm trees and clumping bamboo in production. Pine Island, an 18 mile long by 2 mile wide barrier island, is surrounded by protective turquoise waters and moderate temperatures.

A long growing season here allows tropical palms to develop to their most beautiful potential.

Palms are definitely everywhere in Florida, lining our shores and our storefronts. But palms trees are grown all over the world. Although many of them can be damaged by one freezing night, they can be grown as far north as Canada.

We have high quality palms available for delivery for nearly every application and climate.

New Jersey’s Weather

New Jersey has a climate that ranges from USDA Zones 6A to 7B.

The northern parts of the state (6A and 6B) are not very hospitable to palms. But along the New Jersey shore, particularly in Atlantic City, Cape May, Ocean City and Wildwood, where the average annual minimum extreme temperatures range from 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit (7A and 7B), some of our cold-hardy palms will be great choices.

One cold-hardy palm is the Sabal Palm, which grows well in 7b climates.

It is an extremely slow-growing palm, and it is low-cost, but its silhouette is iconic and elegant – conjuring images of warm southern sunsets. Capable of growing in very cold climates, the Sabal Palm is ideal for use in New Jersey.

The European Fan or Mediterranean Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis) is a popular variety that looks exotic in any landscape.

It features fan-shaped leaves and produces small yellow flowers in the spring. It is wind-resistant and one the hardiest of all palms. Growing to only about 10 feet tall, it makes a stunning focal point in spaces of any size.

The Pindo Palm or Jelly Palm comes from the open forests of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

It is one of the hardiest landscape palms currently in production. Butia capitata has graceful, feather-like blue-green fronds and can tolerate temperatures as low as 5°F, is wind resistant and does very well in the Florida Panhandle and up the eastern seaboard. It’s sometimes called the Jelly Palm due to its bright yellow fruit which can be made into a jelly.

Palms For Landscaping

Landscaping is more than a business. It is an art. The art of designing an outdoor space, using whatever means are at hand. The artistic vision of the landscaper is brought to life, made manifest, by the sods, shrubs, fences, flowers, and trees that they use.

Almost no trees are as affective as palms.

Palms are capable of triggering powerful memories and feelings; they are the kinds of trees that we put on postcards, in advertisements, and on wall posters. As such, they are particularly well suited to define spaces in any number of ways.

In addition to palms and clumping bamboo, Palmco can source almost anything for you, from rare wholesale live oaks and magnolias to shady ladies, sea grapes, and other quality plants.

We encourage you to talk to us about our state-of-the-art facilities and eco-friendly growing process before you make a decision about purchasing palms for your landscaping project.

Turn your customer’s outdoor space into a tropical oasis with trees from one of the largest palm plantations in North America.

Contact us about healthy, beautiful wholesale palm trees that will grow well in New Jersey, or call (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO to have your questions answered by an expert.