Wholesale Bamboos Atlantic City

Wholesale Bamboos Atlantic City

Atlantic City and tropical wholesale bamboos don’t typically go together. But there are ways in which to bring the tropics to your ocean side location.

First, give Palmco, in sunny Florida, a call.

We have a 600 acre palm plantation in which we also grow 14 varieties of non-invasive bamboo. That distinction is important. The bamboo we cultivate has been carefully chosen for its non-invasive qualities.

We provide wholesale bamboo to architects and landscape designers.

Our bamboos make great topiaries, ground cover and even screening hedges. The varieties we offer are breathtaking and beautiful as ornamental pieces. When considering a bamboo species for your clients in Atlantic City, we are certain that we can make the most appropriate recommendations for your climate.

Bamboo for Atlantic City’s Climate

Given the cold nature of your area, picking bamboo that is potentially cold tolerant is highly advisable. The bamboo in this list are worthy of consideration. If your not finding the variety that strikes your fancy, don’t hesitate to call our extremely knowledgeable customer service experts. 

These bamboos might work well in your area:

  • Alphonse Karr Bamboo:
    This is a beautiful clumping bamboo that will not run and can reach heights of 20 feet on average. It is a fast growing variety that should be planted in 8-10 foot intervals so that it doesn’t grow into each other. It’s a highly desirable hedge bamboo utilized around the world for that purpose. As a hedge, it’s simple to maintain thanks to the ease with which it can be trimmed. It is particularly drought tolerant, and once you’ve gotten it established, can handle almost any environmental condition.
  • Emerald Bamboo:
    This is a rare bamboo that cleared its quarantine session with the government in the early 90s. It has been called both mystic and stunning. Emerald bamboo is persistently covered with white blooms which sometimes give it a blue tint. These bamboos can grow to 30 feet in height and are generally 2 inches in diameter with thin walls. They are great when used in screening installations.

  • Golden Goddess
    This bamboo is very cold hardy and incredibly drought tolerant. It is also very fast growing and makes a great container plant for patio décor. However, if you’d like to utilize it as a privacy hedge, place the plants 4-8 feet apart and they will quickly fill in the gaps. Since they only reach 10 feet in height they are definitely considered one of the shorter bamboo species available. Additionally, this is a great hedge that can be cut and shaped any way your customer desires.

  • Graceful Bamboo
    Also known as Slender Weavers, this bamboo variety is known for its graceful appearance and nodding top foliage. It is cold hardy and easily maintained and makes a great privacy screen for residential décor. It is utilized in indoor applications worldwide although it prefers full sun. This bamboo species can be used as a garden focal point as well.

Palmco Has the Bamboo You Need

There are many other species of wholesale clumping bamboos that may be suitable for Atlantic City landscapes. When you call our customer service experts, be sure to explain the way you intend to utilize the plants so that they can recommend the species that will best fit your customer’s needs/wants.

Contact us five days a week at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 1-239-283-1329.