Where To Buy Palm Trees In New Jersey

Where To Buy Palm Trees In New Jersey

So, you want to create a Caribbean oasis at your client’s New Jersey location with tropical blooms and swaying palm trees.

But where can you buy palms that will flourish in this wintry landscape?

Palmco is one of the largest palm plantations in North America, specializing in FF-grade cold-hardy wholesale palms for all Florida planting zones and zones in other areas of the U.S.

Our Pine Island, Florida location is ideal for growing palms because the surrounding waters keep the temperatures perfect nearly year-round.

Our location means that our palm trees are able to reach their highest potential in height, caliper and green fronds. With our state-of-the-art, fully automated irrigation systems and extensive nutritional programs, we are consistently able to deliver the highest grades of palms.

New Jersey USDA Hardiness zones range from 5a to 7b but, with careful plant selection and appropriate care, it may surprise you to learn that you can grow palms in many areas of the state.

Cultivation may be easiest along the Atlantic Coast from Sandy Hook south, and along the Delaware River from Trenton south, where minimum temperatures don’t usually drop below 0°F, at least for long.

Camden, Elizabeth, Jersey City and Newark are in Zone 7 and a tropical landscape is definitely possible. But palms can also be grown inland and in upper elevations if you provide them with winter protection.

Palm Trees for USDA Zone 7

  • European Fan Palm – The European Fan Palm, also known as the Mediterranean Fan Palm, is a popular variety that looks exotic in any landscape with its fan-shaped leaves and the small yellow flowers it produces in the spring. It is wind-resistant and very cold hardy. Chamaerops humilis has an attractive multi-trunked habit that forms rounded clumps. It’s ideal as a focal point in spaces of any size because it typically grows to only 10 feet.
  • Pindo Palm – This is one of the hardiest landscape palms currently in production. It has graceful, feather-like blue-green fronds and slowly grows to an average of 15 feet tall in cultivation. Another common name for it is Jelly Palm because of its bright yellow fruit that can be made into a jelly. The Pindo likes a sunny, moist, and well-drained location. It can take full sun from a very young age, but will usually grow taller in full shade. Butia capitata is ideal for Zones 7 through 11 and is very drought and cold tolerant.
  • Windmill Palm – The Windmill Palm is one of the most cold-hardy palms, withstanding temperatures as low as 5°F. Its palmate fronds grow upward, ranging from yellow-green to dark green and silvery on the underside. The trunks of Trachycarpus fortunei are usually covered with a loose mat of coarse gray or brown fiber. This palm is a slow grower at only about 1 foot per year. Although it can reach heights up to 40 feet tall, most top out at 25 feet.

Boasting over 600 acres in production, Palmco is the place to go when you want to know where to buy palm trees that are suitable for New Jersey.

We have palm trees for sale in nearly 30 different varieties.

Get in touch with us at 1-855-Go-Palmco or (239) 283-1329 to discuss the spectacular palms that will thrive in your environment, indoors or out.