Wholesale Bamboo New Jersey

Wholesale Bamboo New Jersey

New Jersey is not exactly a tropical oasis, yet your customers may want some southern charm. Finding wholesale bamboo in New Jersey is not an easy task, but Palmco has what you need.

Palmco is a Florida-based grower of palms and clumping bamboo.

We are located on a 600 acre palm plantation (one of the largest in the nation) and have over 30 years of experience in the tropical foliage industry. We cultivate 14 different species of non-invasive clumping bamboo and can recommend those that are best suited for your climate.

New Jersey Bamboo

The sheer thought of creating a tropical paradise in New Jersey’s climate may seem laughable to some.

However, we’d like to tell you about the top four cold hardy species that are capable of acclimating to your climate in Atlantic City, Ventnor City, Brigantine and Ocean City.

Most bamboos originate in China:

  • Golden Goddess:
    This is the clumping bamboo genus’ workhorse, capable of adapting to various applications. It is easily trimmed and will create a pleasing hedge that can be easily shaped into whatever design your clients request. Aside from its impressive stint as a decorative hedge, the Golden Goddess bamboo also makes a great wall or evergreen screen thanks to its fast growing, easy maintenance attributes. It has delicate leaves and should be planted in 4-8 foot intervals as it will readily fill in the gaps.

  • Emerald Bamboo:
    Still a relatively rare clumping bamboo, this 30 foot variety is known for its mystical and stunning beauty. It has an ever-present white bloom on its canes that give it a bluish hue, thereby earning it another name – Emperor’s Blue Bamboo. We recommend using it as screening or as a focal specimen in your landscaping installations.

  • Alphonse Karr Bamboo:
    These are quite colorful bamboo known for their golden stems with green stripes and their small leaves with blue tinted underbellies. They make for an eye-pleasing hedge or privacy screen. In fact, as a hedge bamboo, this is one of the most readily cultivated bamboo species in the world. If you allow them to be exposed to bright sunlight, the canes will develop a soft magenta hue.They are easy to trim and can be used in container plantings or as ornamental islands in the midst of a garden.

  • Slender Weavers Bamboo:
    Given the small leaves and diameter of this very tight clumping and erect bamboo, it has earned the name Graceful Bamboo. Its tops nod lightly as though bowing to your applause. It loves full sun and is often used in the basket-weaving profession. Of course, like most other bamboo mentioned here, it makes a great privacy screen, focal point or hedge when properly maintained.

Contact Palmco Today

If you happen to be in the Sunshine State, venture on down to Pine Island and pay us a visit. We would love to show you around our 600 acre paradise. You’ll see the love and care we put into our cultivars as we strive to utilize “green” growing techniques.

Our bamboo experts are available five days a week to answer your questions about wholesale bamboos that will thrive in the New Jersey climate.

We are confident that we can provide you with cold hardy, drought tolerant bamboo that will please your customers who seek a tropical design in a not-so-tropical area of the U.S.

You can reach us at (855) Go-Palmco or (239) 283 1329.