West Palm Beach Palm Trees For Sale

West Palm Beach Palm Trees For Sale

Palmco, located in the community of Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida, has over 600 acres of palm trees and bamboo in production.

As you look at the variety of West Palm Beach palm trees we have for sale, we invite you to talk to us about our wide selection, our state-of-the-art facilities, and our environmentally conscious growing process before you decide on the most appropriate palm(s) for your project.

Pine Island, a barrier island 18 miles long by 2 miles wide, is surrounded by protective turquoise waters and moderate temperatures. This lush setting provides a long growing season that allows tropical palms to develop to their most beautiful potential. Aside from palms and bamboo, we are able to source almost anything, from rare wholesale magnolias and live oaks to shady ladies, sea grapes, and other quality plants.

If you are looking for an unusual palm tree, something out of the ordinary to make a unique statement in your landscape, we have a few suggestions you may not have considered:

Bottle Palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis)

This slow-growing palm has a bottle-shaped trunk resembling a cola bottle and averages 5 to 7 feet in height. It doesn’t produce many fronds, but they are long and graceful. The Bottle makes an outstanding accent palm for tropical gardens or sheltered entrance areas, and you will often see it in the center of a circular driveway. It’s drought-tolerant, but freezing or sub-freezing temperatures can kill it. This is an excellent container palm since it grows so slowly.

Canary Palm or Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis)

This graceful giant, also called the Pineapple Palm, is valued for its bold appearance and its extreme hardiness, which allows it to grow well throughout much of the southern United States. It is native to the Canary Islands in the Atlantic off northwest Africa and is highly sought after for lining avenues and boulevards. Boasting an exceptionally wide trunk lined with diamond patterns and a dense crown of arching fronds, it typically grows very slowly to 50 or 60 feet. The majestic shaft looks like a pineapple but needs to be manicured to keep a nice appearance.

Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata)

This noble palm grows to about 30 feet in full sun and has one of the most spectacular foliage displays of all palms.  It has a slender, self-cleaning trunk and stunning, fluffy looking fronds. The leaves of the plant have jagged-edges that look like fins and fishtails, hence the name. Leaf scars often reflect a copper color in the sunlight. It thrives in warm dry climates and is a fast grower. Foxtail palms are a regal addition to any landscape and make great accent pieces for any lawn or garden when planted alone.

Mule Palm (xButiagrus nabonnandii)

The Mule Palm is a grand eye-catching conversation piece that no one else in your neighborhood is likely to have. It is one of the hardiest feather palms and is a man-made hybrid between the Pindo and the Queen palms. Mature specimens are quite rare due to the difficulty in producing this palm. When mature, the Mule Palm displays a dark brown trunk with massive caliper. Its pinnate structured fronds are long with wide, dark green leaflets that resemble a coconut palm. Despite its tropical appearance, it is cold hardy down to at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Transform your customer’s property into a tropical haven with choice trees from one of the largest palm plantations in North America. Find West Palm Beach palm trees for sale at Palmco, Florida’s premier grower and wholesaler of top quality palms.

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