Pembaroke Pines Palm Trees For Sale

Pembroke Pines Palm Trees For Sale

There are almost 3,000 species of palms, so there’s definitely one that will work in your client’s Pembroke Pines landscape. You can learn more about the 30-plus species of palm trees we have for sale at Palmco.

Our trees will help you create an exotic oasis for your clients.

Popular Palms

• Areca Palm – This dramatic palm from Madagascar is salt-tolerant, so it’s well suited to our Florida beaches. It’s a clustering palm, meaning that many trunks spring up from its base, making it look full and lush. It has fluffy, fine-textured fronds with canes that resemble clumping bamboo culms. Arecas can reach heights of 20 feet, making them perfect for privacy screens, hedges and as a backdrop.

Palmco is a leading supplier of field grown Arecas in a variety of sizes.

• Bottle Palm – Bottle Palms are another salt-tolerant variety. They feature a unique bottle-shaped trunk and grow slowly to about 5 to 7 feet high. They don’t produce many fronds, but they are long and graceful. The Bottle Palm makes an outstanding accent palm for tropical gardens or sheltered entrance areas, and you will often see it in the center of circular driveways.

This variety is also drought-tolerant, but freezing or sub-freezing temperatures can kill it.

• Chinese Fan Palm – Sometimes called the Fountain Palm, is another South Florida favorite. It’s wide-spreading crown with bright green fan-shaped leaves are divided into about 75 segments. The fronds droop downward, creating a graceful fountain-like effect. Chinese Fan Palms look much diferent when they are young and low to the ground. Eventually they will grow to about 25 feet.

Palmco offers single, double, triple and multi configurations.

Pruning Palm Trees

Once your landscaping is installed and established you or your landscaping service will want to maintain them with proper pruning techniques.

Palms produce one leaf at a time, and the new ones are formed when an old leaf dies. But even after the old frond turns brown, the tree continues to transfer nutrients from the old frond to the new foliage. The green fronds are the tree’s sole source of energy.

If you remove the brown fronds too soon, the new leaves will be deprived of the nutrients they need to grow strong, healthy and feed the tree.

Give us a call if your unsure!

Pruning Palm Fronds Is Necessary

Pruning can reduce a potential hazard to humans.

Some large palms have leaves that overhang public walkways, and some can cause serious injury when they fall. Heavy or sharp-edged fronds will injure people and property when they fall unexpectedly. Safty to drivers is another hazard if they are allowd to grow and block signs and traffic lights.

Some palm trees are self-cleaning, like Royals, Adonidias, Foxtails and Montgomeries

The old fronds should be left to fall off naturally.

If you have palm trees that are not self-cleaning, they will need to be pruned several times a year. Trim only the oldest leaves as they turn yellow and brown. Always leave the green fronds alone or you will deprive the tree of its energy.

A reputable landscaping service, will know how to trim fronds and maintain the health of the plants.

On other palms that require pruning the fronds should be left until no green remains and then they can be pruned.

The bottom line is that it’s important to take great care when trimming or cutting palm trees. Pruning palms will not speed up their growth and if improperly trimmed can leave the tree suseptible to wind damage, pests and fatal infections.

If you need information on pruning techniques or are interested in palm trees for sale that are suitable for the Pembroke Pines climate, then give Palmco a call at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 1-239-283-1329 and talk with one of our helpful experts.