North Carolina Wholesale Palms and Bamboo

Palmco is one of the premier providers of North Carolina wholesale palms and bamboo.

Wilmington and other areas like Jacksonville, Beaufont, Greenville and Raleigh are interested in landscaping with palms and bamboo. 

The “Tar Heal State” receives regular deliveries from her southern neighbor and grower of cold hardy palms and bamboo.

Growing tropical and cold hardy palms and bamboo since 1984 has afforded us the time needed to grow all size ranges of palms from small to mid range and mature heights. This time has also afforded us the opportunity to grow beautiful palms and bamboo consistently.

Year after year repeat customers call to examine their upcoming project details with our customer service specialists.

Specify your CT, GW and OA heights and we will do our best to match those requests.

We have 600 acres of palms and bamboo to choose from. Finding the best wholesale materials based on your customer’s project details is customary. We will tag your trees and email or txt the pictures to you for approval.

Fill a truck with materials or catch a share, either way we’ve gotcha covered!

If you have your own hauling service you can send them on down here and we will load them up. In the event that you find yourself in a position of needing to hire a hauling service, look no further!

We are experienced in arranging the shipment of palms and bamboo from our farm to the location of your choice. Our drivers take precautionary measures to ensure the integrity of your shipment. They use a material known as shade cloth.

A 75% shade cloth is used to protect against wind burn on the fronds and limit transpiration.

The impact of these two elements is significantly reduced when shade cloth is used. Healthy materials arrive and that means a successful install, which leads to happy customers.

Call our office today at 855-GOPALMCO or at 1-239-283-1329 and speak with one or our helpful customer service representatives or use the links below to continue reading aobut our wholesale palms and bamboo.