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North Carolina and noteworthy cities such as Jacksonville, Beaufont, Greenville and Raleigh are great cities to plant palms. Your world famous beaches and golf courses that are near bodies of water are the optimal place for these palms.

Water temperatures regulate the air temperature and keep those areas closer to the water warmer than those inland.

Project managers and property owners may not realize that palm trees are an option in the Carolinas. This is our opportunity to educate those who are not currently aware that there are scores of unique palms, many are tropical and some are cold hardy.

The first cold hardy palm that comes to mind is the Pindo Palm ( Butia capitata) also known as the Jelly Palm.

When ripe the fruit is about the size of your average cherry and in some places, is harvested to make jelly. There are many different descriptions of the flavor produced by this palm fruit. Everyone seems to agree that pineapple is one of the stronger flavors noted.

The second palm that comes to mind is the European Fan palm (Chamaerops humilis). It actually appears more bush like. It is the only palm that is native to the European continent.

Named after the native landscape it calls home this unique bush like palm can be found in Spain, Italy and Northern Africa. This fan palm loves the Mediterranean climate.

The rhizome produces multiple shoots and the fronds are fibrous and pointed. It is partial to temperate zones and does not enjoy true tropical environments as the heat and humidity stunt its growth. Suitable climates are wet wintery conditions with dry hot summers.

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