Where To Buy Palm Trees In North Carolina

Where To Buy Palm Trees In North Carolina

The Tar Heel State has an affinity for palms.

However, determining where to buy palm trees in North Carolina might be a bit challenging.

Look no further; Palmco is one of North Carolina’s premier providers.

We have been growing cold-hardy and tropical palms since 1984. Our 600 acre palm plantation is one of the largest in the nation.If you can specify your GW, CT and OA heights, we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

Every year, repeat customers call our customer service specialists to discuss their upcoming projects in detail.

The truth is, we consistently grow beautiful palm trees.

We will tag the trees that meet your specs and send you pictures of the exact trees you will be getting. This will help you sell the palms to your customers as well as provide you with pictorial confirmation of your purchase.

Additionally, we can arrange shipping or you can employ your own hauling service.

Our drivers utilize special precautionary measures to protect your shipments. We use shade cloth to protect the fronds from wind damage and transpiration to help ensure you receive healthy trees ready for successful installation.

Palm Trees in North Carolina

A native to central China, the Windmill Palm is a good choice for North Carolina as it is extremely cold hardy, and able to withstand temperatures as low as 5°F.

While the Windmill Palm can grow as tall as 40 feet, most of them stop at around 25 feet.

This is a slow growing tree that typically only adds a foot a year to its height. Amazingly, this palm can be grown as far north as Canada. It is best planted in shady areas with some protection from strong wind gusts. It adds formal elegance to architectural designs and makes a great walkway border.

If the Windmill Palm doesn’t fit the bill, you might be interested in the Chinese Fan Palm.

Its hardiness level is intense, enabling it to withstand short periods of below-0°F temperatures. These are beautiful trees that offer wide spreading canopies thanks to their fan shaped fronds that hang gracefully in a weeping manner.

They are suitable for Zones 9a-11 and average 25 feet tall.

They are great for all landscaping installations and generally grow as a single trunk. However, we have cultivated double, triple and multi trunk specimens. Please specify which trunk design you are looking for when you place your order.

A final tree for your consideration is the Canary Palm.

This is also a slow growing specimen best known for its pineapple-shaped crown shaft.

This is an extremely drought-tolerant tree that is capable of thriving down to Zone 9a. Make sure there is good soil drainage wherever you plant them. These have massive canopies that are not easily forgotten, so they make for great ornamentation in your landscaping designs.

They are beautiful accent elements and focal points for entryways.

Rest assured that the Canary Palm will leave a memorable impression on your customers and all who enter their properties.

Stop wondering where to buy palm trees in North Carolina.

Palmco’s Florida palm tree plantation is the answer to your search. We grow gorgeous specimens and offer exceptional customer service.

Feel free to call us five days a week at (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.

Or, if you ever happen to be in Florida, we would love to offer you a tour of our palm tree farm!