Mississippi Wholesale Palms and Bamboo

Palmco has become one of the preferred vendors for the purchase of Mississippi wholesale palms and bamboo.

Mississippi’s nick name “The Magnolia State” is a reputation that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a well deserved moniker due to the prevalence of this antebellum type tree.

Also known as the Bayou State Mississippi has tropical influences as well.

The resort cities surrounding Gulfport and the tourism associated with it are driving the purchase of cold hardy palms and bamboo.

Palms and clumping bamboo create a tropical setting that Northern tourists are looking for when they travel to your warm shores to relax and forget about their lives up north, even if it is just for a little while. Resorts and hotels use tropical landscapes filled with our palms and bamboo to keep tourists coming back year after year.

Passionate about growing high quality materials since 1984, Palmco has built a reputation based on outstanding customer service coupled with the sale and delivery of our superior materials.

Our representatives are knowledgeable and eager to assist you.

Regularly going out into the fields to inspect, match and tag trees for our customer’s helps you save time. We always send you pictures of the trees we have tagged for your job. We find that taking pictures of the actual trees that are going to be delivered helps you sell the job!

We are delivering more and more cold hardy palms and clumping bamboo to your vicinity every year.

Shipping year round to Mississippi is handled with ease.

Truckload quantities are always accessible. If your project does not require truckload quantities we have trucks heading your way on a weekly basis and can arrange for a share to your location.

Call us Monday thru Friday at 1-239-283-1329. We will listen to your upcoming landscaping project and work to get you the best trees for your applications. You can also use the links below to learn more about the palms and bamboo we grow and ship: