Gulfport Wholesale Bamboo

Looking for wholesale bamboo in Gulfport?

Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler committed to producing the most eye-catching container and field grown bamboo for our Mississippi customers!

Cold hardy bamboo does well along the coast of Mississippi.

There are several applications for clumping bamboo such as hedging and screening. Palmco farms a variety of these cold hardy clumping bamboos.

Alphonse Karr is a superior hedging bamboo.

If left untamed and used as a specimen planting, it will grow up to 20’ in overall height. Customers under your monthly maintenance program will benefit from this easily box hedged bamboo. The thickness of this hedge rivals and in some cases surpasses traditional hedging plants.

Graceful is an excellent screening species.

When nature is left to do as she pleases the textillus gracilis will reach overall heights of 40’ feet. Useful applications include screening long stretches of cement barrier walls where graffiti stained walls degrade the image of that city. Other sites include, highways and boarders of large industrial plant’s property.

We like to call this revitalization and beautification process “Industrial and Urban Camouflage”.

Private contractors as well as government contractors are finding that non-invasive clumping bamboos are not only a way forward in the beautification of our highways and industrial properties, they may be useful in bringing some balance back to our environment.

Science has documented that bamboo sequesters more carbon from our atmosphere than comparable trees and bushes. Producing 35% more oxygen means we could help lower our green house gases and make our environment more appealing as well as keeping our air breathable.

There are so many positives to using cold hardy clumping bamboo on your customers’ landscaping jobs.

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