Gulfport Wholesale Palms

Looking for wholesale palms in Gulfport?

Palmco is a palm wholesaler dedicated to growing the healthiest palm trees for our Mississippi clients!

There are varieties of cold hardy palms that are acceptable planting options in Gulfport as well as the surrounding areas of Biloxi, Diamond Head, Bay of St Louis and Pascagoul.

This area is more diverse than the average layman might think and deciding on the palm or palms that will decorate their landscape will take some guidance.

Tall tropical looking palms that will survive the short but sometimes harsher winters of Mississippi are needed in your region. Queen palms, Chinese Fans, Sabal Palms and Phoenix Sylvestris plant well into this zone.

These cold hardy palm trees appear tropical and breezy.

Other palms you might not have seen as regularly and still have the toughness it takes to survive the winters in your region include the Livistona Nitida and Mule Palm.

This is a relatively new cold hardy palm is spreading in popularity. Inventories have been cultivated so as to meet industry demands as construction picks up throughout the South.

The Mule Palm is a unique hybrid of the Pindo and Queen palms. Manifesting the trademark characteristics of each parent, the Mule Palm is cold hardy down to 14°F like the Pindo and a rapid grower like its other parent, the Queen.

Curiously, this palm is unable to reproduce on its own. It is sterile. The Mule occurs by chance in nature and is cultivated by seed collection and hand fertilization.

As one of the premier palm tree farms in the Southeast, delivering these cold hardy palms is a way of life for us.

We take great care and receive great satisfaction from growing the finest quality palms for our customers.
Arranging freight is an added service that our customers will take advantage of if they are not in a position to arrange the freight or manage the pick-up themselves.

Ask for detailed information about our Nitida and Mule palm inventories and place your order today by calling TOLL FREE at 1-855-PALMCO or 1-239-283-1329.