Canary Island Date Palm

If you are looking for one of the most widely used landscape and architectural design specimens, then the Canary Island date palm is the answer.

Reaching heights of 40 feet and successfully grown in USDA zones 9A-11, this palm is prized for its hardiness.

It is bold and formidable with a remarkable solitary canopy that is highly visible.

The Canary Island Date Palm is most well-known for its stately caliper and magnificent pineapple shaped crown shaft. As long as you maintain and manicure this tree regularly, your customers will be able to enjoy the beautiful tropical ambiance the presence of this tree creates.

Once this tree is established it is incredibly tolerant to drought and fairly cold tolerant as well. These trees like to eat so be sure to keep them on a consistent fertilizer diet or they will show signs of mineral deficiencies. Thankfully these issues can be easily reversed as long as you catch them early.

Ensuring that your soil is properly drained is essential as they don’t like to keep their “feet”

Other Recommendations

Canary Island date palms grow slowly but are sure to accent any yard, commercial or residential. However, if your clients are concerned with the upkeep, there are some other recommendations you can make.

If your client is looking for easier palms to care for, take a look at some of these:

Triangle Palm– These are easy to maintain because they are self-cleaning and only need to be fertilized twice a year. Their leaves grow in a unique pattern that creates a triangle shape at the base of the plant.

Queen Palm – Although it is known to need little care, the Queen palm will require some pruning. It’s known for its graceful and elegant foliage as well as its smooth trunk.

Paurotis Palm – Moderate maintenance will keep this palm as a beautiful focal point, hedge or screen thanks to its dense foliage. One great thing about this palm is it has no known pest issues.

Foxtail Palm – This is a gorgeous specimen with self-cleaning fronds. Hailing from Northern Australia this palm is known for its rapid growth and unique beauty. Your clients will love it.

Get Your Palms from Palmco

The Palmco name should say it all, but we’ve got the experience to back it as well.

We started this company over 30 years ago. We operate on a 600 acre palm plantation and are known as one of the nation’s largest palm purveyors.

When it comes to propagating splendid palm trees, we grow over 20 varieties at our Pine Island location. Our “green” growing techniques have aided in our palm tree success. We utilize top of the line irrigation systems which are made more efficient by our mulch. We recycle plant waste and by-products into mulch that we use in our palm beds. This helps us conserve water and prevent run-off.

We work to establish the healthiest and most beautiful palms possible for our customers.

Beyond compare are our palm tree experts who operate the customer service department. If you have questions about the Canary Island date palm, or any other palm for that matter, give them a call at (239) 283 1329.

Of course, you’re always welcome to come by for a tour