Bonita Springs Wholesale Palm Trees

As a landscape designer or architect, you might be looking for Bonita Springs wholesale palm trees. And you are probably wondering about the types of palm trees that thrive in Florida. Palmco is proud to draw on the experience of four generations of Florida growers to bring our customers the best palms money can buy.

Bonita Springs Wholesale Palm TreesPalmco, a family owned business, is Florida’s premier grower of top-quality palms. We are devoted to ensuring that the highest standards of production quality are incorporated into every step of the process. Our quality palms certainly draw attention, but it is our dedication to exceptional customer service that maintains our clients.

We farm more than 600 acres on Pine Island along the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s southwest coast. This fertile setting provides a long growing season due to our abundant supply of water and warm Florida sunshine. Our location enables us to grow truly beautiful specimens.

Palm Trees that are Right for Bonita Springs

First, you need to understand Florida. Summers in this region are hot and humid, while winters are generally dry and mild.

There is always a threat of a light winter freeze from November through March caused by occasional cold fronts from the north. Hard freezes (below 28 °F) happen rarely. To help you determine which plants will work best for you, the USDA Hardiness Zones are the best indicator of whether a particular plant can tolerate the Florida winters.

Bonita Springs is in USDA Zone 10A. Given that information, these are some of the trees our Palmco experts suggest for you:

  1. Areca Industry professionals depend on Palmco’s inventory of field grown Arecas. Our variety of field grown sizes and depth of inventory make us an obvious choice. We can supply Arecas in the container size, but it is not our bread and butter because it is not a priority for our customers’ clientele. The Areca palm hedge or screen is widely used in Florida. It is full and bushy but can be thinned out to expose the canes which coincidentally look a lot like the culms of non-invasive clumping bamboo.
  2. Canary– The slow-growing Canary Island Date is prized for its formal and bold appearance and its extreme hardiness which allows its use throughout much of the southern U.S. including California, Texas, the Gulf Coast States and Florida. The massive solitary canopy is highly visible and absolutely memorable. Known for its massive stately caliper, as well as its majestic crown shaft (which resembles a pineapple), it must be manicured consistently for this look to be exposed.
  3. Chinese Fan– These handsome fan palms boast a wide spreading canopy. The long leaf segment tips hang gracefully giving the canopy a weeping appearance. Livistona chinensis are a great all-around specimen for landscaping installations, not only in the southeast but even further north than you might think.
  4. Mast Tree Though not palms, Mast trees are excellent tropical substitutes for the Italian Cypress and flourish in Florida’s warm, humid climate. Mast trees have a moderate growth rate and do very well in confined areas reaching widths of 4 to 5 feet and heights from 30 to 45 feet. As evergreens, they have very little leaf drop, moderate salt tolerance, no pest issues of note, thrive in bright locations, and tolerate partial shade.

Contact Palmco at 239.283.1329 for answers to any questions you may have about purchasing Bonita Springs wholesale palm trees.