Sabal Palm Trees For Sale

Sabal Palm Trees For Sale

Palm trees are the epitome of a sunny island paradise.

Palmco is one of the nation’s largest palm tree purveyors and we’re located on Pine Island.

With over 20 species of palm trees for sale on our island oasis, you will certainly find the Sabal palm your clients are looking for. In fact, you are more than welcome to come and tour our 600 acre slice of heaven and see the beauty of our trees for yourself.

Of course, we understand that not everyone can reach sunny Florida and that’s why we ship nationally and worldwide.

No matter where your Sabal palm is going, we can guarantee that it will arrive in tip top, ready-to-grow-for-you, shape. And, we’ll even provide the assistance you may need to be completely successful with transplanting the palm when you receive it.

Why a Sabal Palm?

The most obvious answer is, “Because it’s Florida’s State Tree!”

Naturally we have an affinity for these slow growing, highly drought and salt tolerant trees.

These trees grow so slowly, in fact, that we harvest them from the wild as opposed to growing them commercially. As such, they are widely sought after because they are considerably hardy palms.

And, they are relatively inexpensive.

Originating from Southeast Asia, these palms are perfect for USDA growing zones 7B-11; in other words, nearly everywhere!

When these palms are utilized in the proper applications, they are capable of bringing southern charm and resplendent beauty to any garden or landscape décor.

Take note that, when you first plant one of these charmers, you’ll need to wet it down really well as it is capable of taking in all the water it needs through its trunk. In fact, you’ll probably receive it in hurricane cut form (which just means the heads have been cut off to allow for more water absorption and greater transplant success).

One other aspect of the Sabal palm is that it is a cold hardy species.

It’s capable of living further north than many other varieties. They also have high wind-resistance abilities and, although slow growing, they can actually reach heights of 60 feet tall!
Of course, there are other palms to consider as well, just in case that slow growing Sabal isn’t going to work for your clientele.

Consider these faster growing varieties:

Foxtail Palm – Originating in Northern Australia, these trees are known for their rapid growth and unique appearance. In fact, the leaf scars exude an ethereal copper glow in the midst of direct midday sun.

Montgomery Palm – Hailing from an island in the Southern Pacific, Vanuatu, this species is sadly underutilized. It shares some physical attributes that make it comparable to the Foxtail and the Adonidia but it certainly has its own statuesque beauty.

Queen Palm – This one might grow a little slower than the previous two, but it’s one of the best palms for canopy design, lining streets, or ornamental gardening. It’s quite cold tolerant and can reach heights of 40 feet.

There are other palms to consider as well, but you might be better served to spend some time talking with our palm tree experts.

They are available five days a week and are eager to answer all of your palm tree and bamboo questions. So, if you’re looking for Sabal palm trees for sale, or any other variety for that matter, give them a call at (239) 283-1329