Pompano Beach Palm Tree Nursery

Pompano Beach Palm Tree Nursery

Palms trees are grown all over the world.

Some can be damaged by freezing nights and others will grow as far north as Canada.

Palmco can help you beautify a Pompano Beach property with palms that are dug and delivered from our wholesale palm tree nursery. Our location on Pine Island, Florida and planting best practices enhance this favorite growing climate of palms.

Pompano Beach and greater Broward County are situated in USDA Zone 10b.

This area is the only part of the continental U.S. with a true tropical monsoon climate. Short lived cold fronts between November and March usually cause little to no damage. Winters are mild here for the most part and summers provide those things palm trees love, such as sunshine, humidity, rainfall, and highs between 88° F and 92 °F.

How to Choose a Palm Tree

Keep a few factors in mind when selecting the perfect palm tree for your residential development, resort hotel, golf course or avenue plantings.

Size at maturity That small container-sized palm tree you bought at your local nursery is not going to stay that size forever. It could reach heights of 50 to 80 feet and overpower the landscape. Keep your overall design in mind to avoid having the palm interfere with power lines or underground conduits, and potential damage to buildings and roofs. Our graceful Royal Palms, for example, can reach up to 60 or 70 feet tall and 5 to 10 feet wide.

Temperature – Most palms do not like frost and freezing weather. Exposing them to such cold temperatures for any length of time will weaken the tree and make it vulnerable to pests and diseases. One of our favorite bold and beautiful palms, the Canary Palm, is a great example of cold-hardiness; it can tolerate lows into the 20s, including frosts, with no visible damage.

Sunlight – You may be surprised to learn that not all palm trees are equally sun tolerant. Some varieties will flourish if you provide them with shadier conditions. You won’t have to worry much about our Chinese Fan Palm. This lush variety is a favorite in Florida landscapes with its wide-spreading crown and bright green fan-shaped leaves. It will grow in shade, partial shade or sun. Palmco offers single, double, triple and multi Chinese Fan configurations.

Water – You may think of palm trees as desert lovers but, in the wild, most of them grow only near continuous supplies of water. For the healthiest palms, saturate the soil of newly planted trees to 18 inches deep, watering twice a week. Once the roots are established, you may only have to water twice a month. The European Fan Palm is one variety that is extremely drought-tolerant once established. In fact, it prefers to dry out between waterings and, if you get a lot of rainfall, make sure the soil can drain quickly.

We invite you to tour Palmco’s farm on Pine Island to see our 600 acres of premium trees, our state-of-the-art facilities, and our environmentally conscious growing process. We are dedicated to providing landscape architects, landscapers and wholesale buyers with stunning specimens at reasonable prices.

If you’re unsure about your growing conditions, check with our palm tree nursery for advice on which trees are most suitable for the Pompano Beach area.

Contact us at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO and our tree experts will be happy to answer your palm tree questions.