Palm Trees for Sale in Jupiter Florida

Palm Trees for Sale in Jupiter Florida

When you need wholesale palm trees to transform your landscaping project in Jupiter, Florida from boring to amazing, Palmco has plants for sale in a variety of different heights, shapes, textures and even colors.

Boasting over 600 acres in production with FF grade wholesale palms, top-quality clumping bamboo, and ornamental trees and plants, Palmco prides itself on offering premium quality plants and superior customer service, including the ability to transport plants throughout Florida and the contiguous United States.

Zone 10a Palm Trees

The warm, humid, subtropical climate of Palm Beach County, Florida, places Jupiter, its northernmost town, in USDA Hardiness Zone 10A. Average winter lows rarely drop below 50°F, so this region has the ideal climate for growing most varieties of palm trees.

Summers are usually hot, with temperatures averaging in the low 90s. Winters are mild to warm, with average temperatures around 70°F, but they’ve been known to dip to the mid-20s between November and March.

Many of Palmco’s varieties of palm trees will flourish beautifully in Zone 10a, including:

Canary Palm or Canary Island Date Palm is a graceful giant that is valued for its bold appearance and its extreme hardiness. Also called the Pineapple Palm, it is highly sought after for lining avenues and boulevards. Boasting an exceptionally wide trunk lined with diamond patterns and a dense crown of arching fronds, Phoenix canariensis typically grows very slowly to 50 or 60 feet. Its majestic shaft looks like a pineapple but needs to be manicured to keep a nice appearance. The Canary Palm is fairly cold tolerant and is extremely drought tolerant once established.

Paurotis Palm is a beautiful clustering palm that forms a tropical oasis of slim trunks, fan-shaped leaves and a casual, "naturalized" Florida look. It’s native to the Everglades and, in the wild, is protected by Florida law. The leaves are green on top and silver underneath, making it look spectacular with nighttime up-lighting. Acoelorrhaphe wrightii is cold hardy throughout South Florida to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It grows slowly in full sun to partial shade, is salt tolerant, and can eventually reach a height of 25 feet with a spread as wide as 15 feet.

Pindo Palm is one of the hardiest landscape palms currently in production and can tolerate temperatures as low as 10.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It has graceful, feather-like blue-green fronds and slowly grows to an average of 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It’s also called the Jelly Palm due to its bright yellow fruit which can be made into a jelly. This highly variable palm features leaf colors that vary from blue-gray to blue-green and blue-silver. Butia capitata enjoys a sunny, moist, and well-drained location. It can take full sun from a very young age, but often grows taller under canopy or full shade.

Beautify your customer’s property in Jupiter, Florida with the choice palm trees for sale at Palmco, one of the largest palm plantations in North America and Florida’s premier grower and wholesaler of top quality palms. Get in touch with us at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GO-PALMCO. We’ll help you find the best plants to meet your requirements.