Palm Trees For Outside Restaurants

Palm Trees For Outside Restaurants

Restaurateurs seeking palm trees for outside their restaurants will no doubt have some specific criteria in mind.

While some will be looking for towering tropical palms, others will be looking for the luxury of a clustering or clumping palm. You know what your customers have in mind for their restaurant décor and, at Palmco, we know palms.

Palmco’s 600 acre palm plantation is one of the largest in the continental United States.

We have been in the palm industry since 1984 and grow over 20 species of palms. Our palms range from the abundant to the rare, so we can provide both the prolific and exotic varieties necessary to meet your needs.

Best Palms For Outside Restaurants

We’ll start with the Fishtail Palm from Southeast Asia.

This palm grows best in zones 10a-11 and is moderately drought tolerant, reaching heights between 18 and 25 feet. This is a fast growing specimen and has recently enjoyed a good deal of popularity in landscape and architectural design. The fishtail is a clumping palm and the majority of our inventory is field grown, although they can be container trees as well.

This palm is fascinating because it has a bipinnate structure that allows for small side branches to grow off the sides of the main branches, giving it a unique fishtail appearance.

Another palm for your consideration is the Triangle Palm.

These beauties are self-cleaning palms that prefer sandy soil. They are moderately drought tolerant and are most successful in zones 10b-11. They make great accent trees thanks to their unique design, reaching 15 feet wide and 25 feet high.

They have gracefully arching fronds that form a triangle shape. Originating in Madagascar these palms are gorgeous specimens that grow in the open plains there.

The Ribbon Palm is an equally interesting species.

Originating in Australia, this palm can handle colder weather than the previously mentioned varieties. It is successful in zones 9a-11 and is moderately drought tolerant. Its unique long leaves provide a delicate appearance. This palm is also known as the Fountain Palm and can work well in container designs while young.

Ultimately, this palm can reach 30 feet in height and is a phenomenal backdrop or center piece.

Another palm of interest is the Canary Palm.

It is widely utilized throughout the southeast. However, its successful growth zone ranges from zones 9a-11. It is extremely hardy and has a formal and bold appearance, making it a beautiful complement to a restaurant entryway. It is quite majestic, both in canopy and shaft.

The Canary Palm resembles a pineapple when manicured consistently. Once established, it is extremely drought tolerant. While it is a slow growing species, it can reach up to 40 feet high. This is a gorgeous option.

Palmco Has The Tree For You

We have over thirty years of experience growing and cultivating palm trees.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to being as “green” as possible, never utilizing restricted chemicals and recycling plant waste as mulch to assist in water preservation.

Our trees have earned us a great reputation, but our customer service is key to our overall success. We can answer all your palm tree questions and suggest palm trees that are well-suited to outside restaurants and other locations.

You can reach us five days a week at (855) GO-PALMCO or (239) 283-1329.