Palm Tree Growers Near Me

Looking for palm tree growers near you? You will find one of the country’s largest palm tree plantations at Palmco on Pine Island, Florida. Palmco is home to over 600 acres of palm tree production and can meet all your landscaping and design needs.

As a family owned business, Palmco was established in 1984. We have three generations worth of palm tree growing experience and pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service and green growing techniques. When you order your clients’ palms from us, you can rest assured that they will arrive on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition.

Our green growing techniques help us limit water consumption, reduce leaching, and recycle all our own plant waste and by products. Our soil moisture monitoring stations work simultaneously with our fertilization and irrigation systems to ensure that our palms are spoon fed the necessary nutrients, and we never use restricted use chemicals!

Choosing the Right Palms

Since you are searching for growers near you, it is important that you know Palmco palms can be found at prestigious locations around the world. So, no matter your current location, we can provide you with palms that are appropriate for your climate. Here are some of our expert’s suggestions about choosing the right palms:

Temperature. The climate you live in will certainly dictate which palms are right for you. Most palm varieties will do well in tropical regions because that is where they grow naturally. However, there are some palms that will do well in cold climates. The Windmill Palm is an excellent example of a cold-hardy palm. It can withstand temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit and is grown all the way north into Canada.

Location. As a landscape designer or architect, it is important that you determine the proper location for the palms you will be installing. Palms can provide both shade and character and can make even the most conservative garden pop. But since palms differ in their needs, be sure to do your research about which ones are best suited for your client’s location.

Layout. When it comes to actually installing the palms you have chosen, layout is key. Positioning of the palms is imperative to their survival because placing them too close together can deprive the soil of the nutrients necessary to sustain multiple palms. And, there are some palms with extraordinarily large canopies. They should be planted at least 10 feet from any buildings.

Soil. While some palms are not very demanding about their soil types, others require specific qualities. It is a good idea to analyze the soil where you will be installing the palms you have chosen. If inadequate, you can always add fertilizers and irrigation. One palm tree suggestion for dry soil is the Foxtail Palm. It is fairly drought tolerant and can handle a little bit of cold as well.

Palm tree growers near you may be hard to find, but we are certain that Palmco will be your very best option. Give us a call at (239) 283 1329 to place an order or get additional advice!