Louisiana Palm Trees

Louisiana Palm Trees

Louisiana is a warm state, but it is not Florida. If you are a professional landscaper, then you may know or be interested in the many uses of beautiful and regal palm trees. But you might be wondering whether any of those palm trees can survive and grow in Louisiana.

Fortunately, Palmco has a variety of wholesale cold-hardy palms for you to choose from that will be perfect in your Louisiana landscape. Growing palms and clumping bamboo in Florida since 1984 has positioned us to be one of the leading growers in the Southeastern US.

Choosing a Palm for Louisiana

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the heat that determines whether a palm tree will thrive, but the cold. A freeze can damage the conducting tissue in the trunk and prevent the leaves from getting adequate water. Cold can also slow the growth of the roots and the tree.

Although winters tend to be mild in Louisiana, particularly in south Louisiana, freezing temperatures are possible. For this reason, always find out how cold-hardy a palm is before making a final selection for your landscape. Ideally, palms planted in south Louisiana should be hardy down to 20°F and in north Louisiana to 15°F.

Consider these palms for your Louisiana landscapes:

Washingtonia Palm (or Mexican Fan Palm) (Washingtonia robusta): This fast-growing beauty can reach heights of 70 to 100 feet. It works well from Zones 8b to 11, is very cold-hardy, and can handle temperatures down to 5°F for limited time periods. Washingtonia are easy to transplant and can provide big tropical appeal in your landscape design. They are particularly impressive when planted in rows along roadways or property lines.

Canary Island Palm (Phoenix canariensis): Sometimes called the Pineapple Palm for its crown shaft that resembles a pineapple, this slow-growing palm is well-suited to Zones 9A to 11. It is cold-hardy to 15° to 18°F and is valued for its impressive appearance as a specimen palm. The massive solitary canopy is highly visible and absolutely memorable. Give this palm lots of space – it can eventually grow to 40 feet and will rule the landscape.

Pindo Palm (or Jelly Palm) (Butia capitata): This is one of the hardiest landscape palms currently in production. It’s a highly variable palm, with a wide range of differences in leaf color, leaf shape, and trunk size. The Pindo can tolerate temperatures as low as 5°F when mature, which means it can grow as far north as coastal New Jersey. It has graceful, feathery blue-green fronds and will slowly reach an average of 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

If you are looking for palm trees, we can think of no better suggestion than this: browse the Palmco site and see what we have to offer. For pricing and information on wholesale palm trees that will grow well in Louisiana, contact us at 1-239-283-1329 from Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, and discuss your needs with one of our experts.