Foxtail Palm Trees for Sale

Foxtail palm trees feature green foliage, bright flowers, and red fruits. Native to Australia, this tree thrives in tropical climates and is common in beachside communities throughout the U.S. Palmco is a leading wholesaler of quality foxtail palm trees in Florida. We offer a wide range of palm and mast trees for sale. Our palm trees are hardy and tolerant to heavy wind, full sun, and saline conditions.  Foxtail palm trees make excellent additions to any landscaping.


Foxtail Palm Trees for Sale

Foxtail palm trees produce full foliage and can grow up to 40 feet high. In addition, they feature clusters at the top. The main distinction between foxtail and other types of palm trees is the leaflets present in the stems of the former. The twisting leaflets on the stems are the inspiration behind the tree’s name.

This tree also features a narrow and slender brown or gray trunk. During the flowering season, the tree produces red fruits from small white flowers.

Best Climate for Growth

Foxtail palm trees have primarily been grown in tropical climates since their introduction into the U.S. The tree thrives in hot climates with total sun exposure and lots of moisture. Foxtail palm trees are mildly tolerant of drought. However, they may experience stunted growth with prolonged dry conditions. Watering the plant regularly prevents stunted growth.

Foxtail palm trees are also resistant to windy and saline conditions, making them excellent additions for seaside backyards. These trees thrive in Plant Hardiness Zones 10 up to 11.

Design Ideas

Foxtail palm trees make excellent additions to any garden, thanks to their lush foliage. For the best results, consider planting foxtail palm trees in small clusters near other tropical trees. However, you can also plant them as single focal points surrounded by non-tropical plants. They provide excellent privacy when planted along the backyard’s edges.


Foxtail palm trees require mulch to prevent excessive moisture loss. Scatter the mulch as wide as the tree’s canopy to prevent weed overgrowth, moisture loss, and protect the tree trunk from damage.

This tree grows well in aerated soils with excellent draining. An excellent balanced fertilizer should keep the tree healthy and nourished. One of the good things about foxtail palm trees is they are self-cleaning. Therefore, they do not require pruning altogether. The tree will accumulate dead leaves, which will drop to the ground on their own. The same applies to the fruits; they drop on their own at the end of the growing season. To prevent a mess, consider removing the dropping fruits regularly.

The foxtail palm tree grows fast and requires minimal maintenance. A mature foxtail palm tree can have fronds measuring up to 10 feet or longer. However, make sure you grow the trees away from other trees or objects that may become damaged by their dead foliage.

The foxtail palm tree is extremely popular due to its beautiful features, including lush foliage. In addition, its red fruits can add aesthetic elements to any garden. Palmco is one of the best wholesalers of foxtail palm trees in the U.S.

Our plantation is located on a pristine coastline off the coast of Pine Island, Florida. It is a beautiful patch of paradise with lots of palm and mast trees. We are proud of the excellent customer service we provide and the quality trees on our plantation. Our staff has been dedicated to maintaining high standards of tree production quality since 1984.

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